Manitoba·★★ Review

Victory for the Recycled Virgin

TWO STARS How often do you get to hear a 79-year-old woman frankly discuss her sexual journey? If only the acting weren’t so darn bad.

TWO STARS | Love or hate it, 'Recycled Virgin' reflects a valuable, different perspective

Rating: ★★

Company: Houston Robertson, Benicia, Calif. 

Genre: Play — Dramedy

Venue: 5 — Son of Warehouse

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How often do you get to hear a 79-year-old woman frankly discuss her sexual journey? It's the flip-side of Mad Men, as Houston Robertson enacts a 1950s marriage and all that follows: control, deceit and the all-too-common failure to pay alimony. But blessedly, this familiar narrative is followed by orgasms.

Blessedly, this familiar narrative is followed by orgasms.- Shawna Dempsey

Swinging 70s single bars, millennium on-line dating, and a hot lover that is decades her junior… you go, girl!

If only the acting weren't so darn bad. The only thing that would have made the stilted timing, constant mugging and self-conscious mime more unbearable would be to throw in a clown turn. 

Uh, oh. (Don't say you weren't warned.) 

I applaud the woman and her story. I abhor the acting class that so obviously shaped it into this show. But heck, someone gave it five stars in Boulder: love or hate it, it definitely reflects a valuable, different perspective.

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