CBC Manitoba's Information Radio unveils new theme music

Information Radio listeners are waking up to something a little different.

Morning show's new tunes written by Matt Schellenberg

Matt Schellenberg, from Winnipeg's Royal Canoe, wrote the new theme song for CBC Manitoba's Information Radio.

Information Radio listeners are waking up to something a little different. 

The weekday morning show unveiled a brand new theme song written by local musician Matt Schellenberg Monday morning.

Schellenberg, a member of Winnipeg's Royal Canoe, has been writing music for films, commercials and radio for the last couple of years, and his work for CBC Manitoba includes the themes for Up to Speed and Now or Never.

He says it can be tricky writing music for a show like Information Radio.

"It was kind of hard because the show covers such diverse topics," he told Information Radio host Marcy Markusa. "You want to make it neutral enough that it works for all those different topics, but also not boring.

"I was trying to walk that tightrope, I guess." 

New Information Radio theme song

3 years ago
New Information Radio theme song 0:00

Schellenberg spoke to Markusa over the phone while the band travelled to Vancouver this week as part of their Canadian and U.S. tour for their latest album, Waver.

'It has road cred'

Schellenberg composed the new theme song for Information Radio on a midi keyboard he brought along with him on a previous tour, so "it has road cred," he joked.

Schellenberg said writing theme songs is different than the writing he does for the band.

"You've got to watch that the frequencies won't interfere too much with the vocals because it's constantly going to be spoken over," he explained.

"You want to make sure that it's serving a purpose and it's providing the right emotion for whatever is going to go over top of it and whatever it's going to introduce."

Royal Canoe has two sold-out shows this weekend at the West End Cultural Centre but a third has been announced.

Schellenberg says all three performances will be recorded for an upcoming live album.

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