University of Manitoba raises $215M in fundraising campaign

Since 2010 the University of Manitoba says it has raised $215,294,636 through private donations from individuals and foundations, it hopes to raise a further $350 million from alumni and government.

The school hopes to raise $500 million by 2018

University of Manitoba launched their fundraising campaign 'Front and Centre' to the public during a Blue Bombers game in Winnipeg on Saturday. (University of Manitoba)

The University of Manitoba has raised about 43 per cent of its goal to reach $500 million by 2018. On Saturday the school publicly launched its fundraiser, "Front and Centre" during the half-time show at the Winnipeg Blue Bombers game.

The campaign has been operating behind the scenes since 2010, and has raised more than $215 million since then. Much of the money has come from private donations from individuals and foundations.

"This is such a great example of where our community once again shows its strength," said John Kearsey vice-president of external for the University of Manitoba. The school is now hoping to broaden its donor base.

"Now we are reaching out to our alumni around the world," he said, "We still have a lot of work ahead of us but we're confident we'll get there."

The university is also hoping Manitoba will chip in as well as former students. Kearsey said the university is asking for $150 million from the province.

"We've also been having conversations with the provincial government asking them to support this campaign," said Kearsey, "Hopefully we'll hear something about them in the not-too-distant future."

Soon the University of Manitoba will announce details about how Front and Centre dollars have been spent, he said. 

"There are several scholarship programs that have been established as a result of these dollars," said Kearsey, "the other thing this money does is contribute to our research portfolio."


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