U of W daycare steamed over bus loops plans again

The University of Winnipeg is trying to find a new location for their bus loop.

University still considering plans to relocate bus loop to front of daycare

The University of Winnipeg is trying to find a new location for its bus loop.

It used to loop from Young to Spence street but was closed last year to make way for the university’s new recreation centre.

University officials are looking at a number of options, including placing it along Sherbrook Street, Vaughan Street, Memorial Boulevard or St. Mary Avenue.

But a child care centre on campus said the university is also looking at putting it on Furby Street, where the daycare currently is.

Michelle Klimczak is on the University of Winnipeg Students Association Daycare board. Klimczak said they’re upset the option is being considered after parents protested the option last fall.

"It’s been hugely frustrating and disappointing that this proposal is back on the table," said Klimczak.

"I would save even overriding that — it just feels like the health and safety of the kids in the area was never considered in the first place."

She said about 150 buses would pass by the centre every day, making an unsafe, and unhealthy environment for children.

"I can’t believe that I’m in a position of having to bring forward to the University of Winnipeg that health and safety of children in the area should be paramount," said Klimczak.

The university is holding an open house on the bus loop proposals on April 17.

Klimczak said she plans to attend and voice her concerns again.