Two is better than one for singer-songwriter Jason Petric

Singer-songwriter Jason Petric has invited his brother Tom to join him in a stripped-down acoustic night at Ozzy's on March 5.

Jason and Tom Petric perform at Ozzy's on March 5 as part of New Music Wednesdays

Jason Petric performs with his brother Tom at Ozzy's on March 5 (Ora Walker Photography)

Singer-songwriter Jason Petric has invited his brother Tom to join him in a stripped-down acoustic night at Ozzys on March 5. They perform as part of Manitoba Music's New Music Wednesdays.

"I'm really excited," he said. "We're working on a new project right now and it's going to be the day where we get to try some of those songs out."

The Transcona natives share a taste for country, pop and rock music and have been performing together since they were teenagers. Now's their chance to take it to a new level.

Jason says honesty is the best policy when it comes to his songwriting. 
Jason Petric (Ian McCausland)

"When I can keep it real it usually turns out a lot better. For me, when you can write about something that's a bit of a reality in your life, I think it comes across in the song," he said.

His favourite song is "Shut Up," recorded on his second album, Tease.

"It's a song about regret," he said. "It's about wishing you'd kept your mouth shut when you didn't, and I've definitely been there before. It's a catchy tune and since releasing it on my album it's probably been the one people really like the most," he said.

Petric has not been able to resist the lure of Nashville where he's had the chance to work with some of the best musicians and songwriters. He recorded his last album there with producer Chris Burke-Gaffney.

"It's the greatest town in the world," he said. "It's called 'music city' for a reason. There's a magical feeling about it where everywhere you go there's someone trying to do the exact same thing you're doing and it's a community unlike any other."

Petric says he's very excited about the upcoming Juno celebration. He and his band will be performing at Cowboys Roadhouse during Juno week.

"I think it's going to be great for our city. I think Winnipeg's going to do a great job and I think people are going to really enjoy the music."

Jason and Tom Petric perform an acoustic set at Ozzy's on Osborne Street on March 5 at 8:30.