Trevor Dineen

Host, Now or Never

Trevor Dineen hosts Now or Never, heard nationally every Saturday and Thursday on CBC Radio One. Trevor is a well known Winnipeg-based radio personality who got his on-air start making traffic both interesting and entertaining on CBC Manitoba. When not behind a microphone, Trevor is a father of two (three if you count his adorable chocolate lab Sophie) and the owner of a pear tree.

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'You can't do this journey alone': Support group helps with intense pain of rare nerve condition

The pain caused by trigeminal neuralgia, a rare nerve condition, is so intense that it's sometimes called "the suicide disease." But a support group in Steinbach, Man., aims to help people living with that pain.

'They are irreplaceable in my mind': How a 30-year friendship has thrived through exchanging audio cassettes

For over three decades, two friends have been sending cassette tapes back and forth from Manitoba to B.C. in order to keep their friendship going.

Iconic Sikh photo recreated in downtown Winnipeg

An iconic photo from 1908 has been recreated by a group of Sikhs in Winnipeg's Exchange District to kick off Manitoba's Sikh Heritage Month.

'Puppet factory' booming in couple's Manitoba home

A Steinbach couple have created a puppet factory in the master bedroom of their home, the likes of which would make Jim Henson proud

'Smarten up you old fool': The struggles of an aging driver

At 67, Bob Lee has been driving for more than half a century, but he's starting to wonder whether that might need to change soon. He's taking driving lesson to find out whether he's safe enough to stay on the road or if it's time to hand over his keys.

'I've come a long way': Guitarist Chet Breau returns to the stage

Guitarist Chet Breau has overcome morbid obesity and the unsolved homicide of his jazz-legend father to return to the world of jazz.

Contest: The full story of CBC Manitoba's 'the Unmeltable Heart'

CBC Manitoba needs you, the audience, to help write the greatest love story to ever take place in Manitoba.
Live Blog

Trevor Dineen's Winnipeg traffic tips

CBC traffic reporter Trevor Dineen keeps you up to date on how traffic is flowing, so you can get to where you're going.

Trevor Dineen's Wednesday morning traffic tips

Wow, that was a show! There was a ton of lightning dancing through the clouds this morning as you started your commute followed by huge booms of thunder. We haven't heard that much action from the sky since yesterday's police chopper.

Trevor Dineen's Winnipeg traffic tips for Tuesday

Break out the Blue Blockers because it'll be a bright one today, folks.

Trevor Dineen's Monday morning traffic tips

As you head out the door, make sure your wipers are ready to go because it be a wet one out here to kickstart your commute.

Trevor Dineen's Winnipeg traffic notes for June 19

When you head out the door today, you'll notice traffic is going to be a lot lighter because a ton of people are going to burning an extra vacation day today to enjoy a nice long weekend.

Trevor Dineen's Winnipeg traffic notes for June 18

Don't forget, it's 'Bike Week' and not 'Let's Get Upset and Frustrated at all the Bikes' Week. This is key.

Trevor Dineen: Why this traffic reporter doesn't skate

Everyone I know wants to slip on the skates and hit up The Forks River Trail to take part in Canada's favourite past time. There’s only one tiny problem with that -- I don’t skate.

Trevor Dineen: When a good deed goes bad

Have you ever tried to do a good deed?