Train derails on Lagimodiere overpass

Winnipeg police were warning people to stay away from the Lagimodiere Boulevard and Dawson Road N. area after a train derailment.

CN Rail says 12 empty train cars off the tracks; northbound lanes closed at Maginot

CN Rail says about 12 train cars derailed on the Lagimodiere Boulevard train overpass near Dawson Road N. (Trevor Brine/CBC)

UPDATE: CN Rail says all train cars are back on their tracks and traffic is open in all directions.

Winnipeg drivers had to use alternate routes around the Lagimodiere Boulevard and Dawson Road N. area Friday after a train derailment.

"[The train cars] look somewhat precarious, according to the initial reports," Const. Rob Carver just shortly after noon Friday.

Police arrived at the derailment shortly after noon.

CN Rail said in a statement that 12 empty grain cars went off the tracks.

CN Rail says the train cars that derailed are empty. (Trevor Brine/CBC)

"There are no dangerous goods, fires or injuries involved at this time," the statement said.

Dave Kozyra said he was driving in the area shortly after lunch.

"It must've happened two minutes prior to us going past," he said. "We noticed vehicles were stopping kind of erratically on the road and we looked up and you could see the bottom side of the train cars on the bridge and off to the east side of Lag."

Kozyra said he's never seen anything like it.

"As we went under, we were a little hesitant, because we knew there was probably one or two cars that were partially overhanging the bridge," he said.

"Seemed like there could be potential for them to fall on to the north side of that bridge."

Winnipeg police helped CN Rail police reroute traffic as a precaution.

Northbound traffic on Lagimodiere was closed early Friday afternoon between Maginot Street and Dawson Road N.

By Friday night, all lanes had reopened to traffic.

The cause of the incident is under investigation, CN said.