Antique furniture, art stolen in Manitoba trailer heist

A Winnipeg Beach couple has lost thousands in art and furniture in a trailer heist that’s shocked the small-town couple.

Estimated $30K in belongings, $10K trailer gone

Laurie Russin says he's reported the theft to Manitoba RCMP. (CBC)

A Winnipeg Beach couple has lost thousands in art and furniture in a trailer heist that's shocked the small-town couple.

Laurie and Betty Russin, who own a condo in Winnipeg Beach, had their belongings packed into a new trailer in preparation for their move to Brockville, Ont., next week.

But on Sunday, Laurie Russin discovered the four-metre-long, 2½-metre-high enclosed trailer was missing from its parking spot in Winnipeg Beach.

He'd made sure it was locked because it was loaded with an estimated $25,000 to $30,0000 in teak furniture, original art and other possessions the couple had collected over the years, he said.

"You could have knocked me over with a feather, because we had that special master lock," Russin said.

Russin, who is from Winnipeg Beach, said the theft was surprising.

"This can't be happening in my hometown," he recalled thinking, adding when he was growing up, everyone left their doors unlocked and neighbours would help themselves to coffee and sugar next door.

"You could leave your garage door wide open for a week, and you wouldn't be even missing a bolt or a screw."

Russin said they've reported the theft to the RCMP, but he's not hopeful they'll find the trailer and his family's cherished antiques.

He said he thinks the thieves were after the trailer because it's brand new and valued at about $11,000.

He has insurance, but it doesn't cover the replacement value of the antiques, he said.