Traffic near St. Anne's pedestrian crash 'like a racetrack'

Fast-moving traffic makes crossing a section of St. Anne's Road where an elderly woman was seriously injured on Saturday "scary" and "dangerous" for pedestrians, area-residents say.

Woman, 84, remains in critical condition after being hit at St. Anne's Road crosswalk

An elderly woman was hit while crossing St. Anne's Road at this crosswalk on Saturday and is in critical condition. (Christine Pagulayan/CBC)

Fast-moving traffic makes crossing a section of St. Anne's Road where an elderly woman was seriously injured on Saturday "scary" and "dangerous" for pedestrians, according to people who live in the area.

A northbound SUV hit an 84-year-old woman while she was crossing St. Anne's Road at the Compark Road intersection Saturday at 12:30 p.m. Police said the crosswalk light was on at the time. 

Police believe the woman had activated the crosswalk light before attempting to cross the intersection. (Christine Pagulayan/CBC)
The woman was seriously injured and remains in hospital in critical condition. Police said the driver is probably going to face charges.

The collision comes as no surprise to some people in the area, who say traffic on St. Anne's is horrible.

"People just don't pay attention," said Iris McLeod. "If you talk to any of the girls in Shoppers [Drug Mart], they'll tell you on a Friday and Saturday night, this St. Anne's Road is like a racetrack. If the [cops] ever sat here, and they ever wanted to make their quota, they would not have a problem."

Jonah, a young boy out with his mom in the area on Sunday, said he is "very cautious" about where he crosses St. Anne's.

"It feels a bit scary because people don't notice you're crossing. They don't pay attention to you. They don't pay attention to the crosswalk signs and so it's a bit dangerous," he said. "They just want to drive on through, so it's a bit scary crossing the street."

Police interviewed potential witnesses in the area on Saturday and said the driver is co-operating with the investigation.

"It's likely that there will be some sort of … charges laid, but what those are and when that will be, I can't comment on that," Const. Jason Michalyshen said.

The investigation is ongoing.