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'Let's be friendly': In Winnipeg's St. James neighbourhood, groups work to fight seniors' isolation

Some people living in the St. James area say many seniors are living in isolation, and Winnipeggers need to do more to help them remain socially active.

Osborne Village jammed with musicians, spotlighted by Idiots

It's mostly muted by thick walls of brick, reinforced concrete and stone, but music still spills out through windows and penetrates the hardwood floors of the red-painted Roslyn Square apartment in Winnipeg's Osborne Village.

Osborne Village gets new outlook with bell tower changes

The bell tower at the corner of Osborne Street and Stradbrook Avenue that’s been a staple in the Village for more than 20 years is about to get an overhaul.

For lease for a while: How is Osborne Village dealing with its vacancy issue?

Osborne Village has always been a unique collection of shops and restaurants in Winnipeg. Today, though, you'll find a lot of empty storefronts. So is the former 'best neighbourhood in Canada' facing a vacancy problem?

Wide open spaces: How Sage Creek transformed from wetland to thriving community

Sage Creek is a growing community nestled in the southeast corner of Winnipeg. Ten years ago, only wetlands inhabited the space. So how does a community form from nothing?
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Cooking classes connect families, community at Brandon's Betty Gibson School

From the outside, Brandon’s Betty Gibson School looks like any other. But take a walk through the front doors, and you’ll find a multicultural world with students from nearly every continent inside.

How a Hutterite community and a Syrian refugee family found common ground

A Muslim family from Syria and a Hutterite family from southwestern Manitoba have created a community by focusing on similarities rather than differences.

Brandon teepees a form of reconciliation in southwestern Manitoba, says cultural worker

Three-metre-tall, metal teepees in Brandon, Man., serve as physical reminders of reconciliation.
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Taking back Brandon's streets: Advocates, police say action needed on city's meth crisis

When Roberta MacKinnon moved to Brandon nearly two decades ago, she saw an ugly side of the city that no one wanted to talk about.
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West Broadway resident hopes Bear Clan will help clean up drug paraphernalia, 'take back our neighbourhood'

The Bear Clan citizen patrol group is coming to West Broadway, and one of the people helping lead the group's entry into the Winnipeg neighbourhood says she wants to rid the area of used drug paraphernalia.

Snow-shovelling program brings together diverse West Broadway community

Two brothers new to Canada are making a difference in Winnipeg's West Broadway neighbourhood, one pile of snow at a time.

Winnipeg addicts using meth to stay awake, warm at night

Winnipeg's growing meth crisis isn't limited to one part of the city. The West Broadway Community Ministry — a safe, tight-knit community — finds itself in the middle of the problem because addicts from all over Winnipeg are crashing there after a night of roaming the streets to stay alive.
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How a Winnipeg landlord beat the idea that rooming houses can never be safe

A landlord has transformed one of Winnipeg's largest rooming houses from what he says was a dangerous living space into a safe place that's now more like a "quiet senior's home."