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Brandon widower waits nearly 2 years for answers amid backlog of care home investigations

A backlog of investigations into abuse at personal care homes has left a Manitoba widower waiting almost two years for answers after his wife died following a short stay at a care home in Brandon.  
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Crown mulls charges against man, 87, after woman dies following shove in Winnipeg care home

Manitoba Crown prosecutors are considering whether to lay criminal charges against a man in his 80s with dementia in the death of a 74-year-old woman at a Winnipeg personal care home.
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U.S.-based mobile clinic quietly offering diagnostic tests for fee in rural Manitoba

A North Dakota company has quietly been coming into Manitoba to offer diagnostic services for a fee, catching health officials off guard and sparking the health minister to order a review into the mobile clinic.

An empty bank account could finally spell the end of the Crocus Investment Fund wind-down

Despite having collapsed nearly 15 years ago, the Crocus Investment Fund refuses to die. However, the funds used by the court-appointed receiver charged with recovering money for investors are running low, documents show, and that might prove to be its doom.
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Stuck with $37K bill he can't read, Winnipeg man says door-to-door furnace sales should be banned

Door-to-door salespeople from a Winnipeg company allegedly persuaded a Winnipeg man and his legally blind wife to sign multiple costly contracts for home energy products, creating a mountain of debt for the couple and raising questions about whether the practice should be banned.
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City of Winnipeg manager in charge of police radios arrested after 2-year investigation

Winnipeg police have arrested a city manager for allegedly updating police radios with software he got from a person the U.S. Department of Homeland Security considered a security threat, CBC News has learned.
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'Just do something': Cancer patient implores Winnipeg health authority to upgrade outdated chemotherapy pumps

Infusion pumps bring crucial cancer-fighting chemicals into the bloodstream and are used by hundreds of patients daily in Manitoba, but for various reasons, the province is lagging behind the rest of the country when it comes to adopting new "smart pump" technology.
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Mom says she warned Metis CFS years before her children's foster father was charged with sexual abuse

The mother of two boys who allegedly suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of their foster father says she reported the man to Metis CFS years before they left the foster home.
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Tests commissioned by CBC show lead contamination persists in North Point Douglas

Researchers at the University of Manitoba and residents are calling for action and more public awareness after a new round of soil tests commissioned by CBC reveal parts of North Point Douglas remain contaminated with lead.
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'We dragged our heels' after sexual abuse allegations, foster care service director says in secret recording

A director with a for-profit Manitoba foster care company said he failed to act quickly enough after allegations of sexual abuse emerged in a home it oversees, according to a secret recording obtained by CBC News.
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'I felt so violated': Ex-husband charged after Winnipeg woman finds hidden cameras in her home

She thought when she left her abusive ex she would finally be safe. But that illusion was shattered the day she discovered someone had broken into her Winnipeg home and installed hidden cameras in her bedroom and living area.
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'He told me to sit on his lap': 2nd woman comes forward with accusation against Manitoba MLA Cliff Graydon

CBC News spoke to numerous people who worked at the Manitoba Legislature in various roles, including cabinet ministers, who said it was widely acknowledged that the Emerson MLA made inappropriate comments directed at women.
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Winnipeg CFS launches internal review after volunteer charged with sex assault

Winnipeg Child and Family Services Agency has suspended hiring new volunteers pending a review of recruitment practices, after a volunteer was charged with sexual assault.
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'Absolutely floored': Residents never told of lead contamination in Point Douglas soil because NDP sat on info

Testing done on soil in several Winnipeg neighbourhoods more than 10 years ago showed potentially dangerous levels of lead, but residents were never told about the results because the NDP government withheld the information, according to documents obtained by CBC News.
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HempWorx cannabidiol oil sales in Canada put on hold… again

An American hemp oil manufacturer that was previously caught selling its product illegally in Canada is once again putting its Canadian market plans on hold after telling its sellers to partner with a company that isn’t licensed by Health Canada and is run by a man with a criminal record.
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Codeine tops list of pharmaceutical drugs reported missing in Manitoba

Among thousands of potentially harmful pills and capsules reported missing each year to Health Canada, codeine is the pharmaceutical drug reported missing in the greatest quantities in Manitoba.
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Manitoba premier fails to have Costa Rica vacation home reassessed

Manitoba’s premier has failed to reassess the value of his tropical vacation home for the past decade, contravening Costa Rican property tax rules and adding more questions as to whether he owes unpaid taxes to the government.

'I would do it again': Whistleblower reveals the emotional and financial toll of coming forward

A woman who blew the whistle on financial wrongdoing at a personal care home says she suffered emotionally and financially from becoming a whistleblower, but says she doesn’t regret her decision.

155 whistleblower complaints in 10 years, but just 3 findings of wrongdoing: Manitoba Ombudsman report

During the first 10 years of Manitoba’s whistleblower protection law, 155 disclosures alleging wrongdoing in the provincial public service were received by the Manitoba Ombudsman, but just three resulted in a finding of wrongdoing by office.

Police officer denies distributing intimate images in 'revenge porn' lawsuit

Two men connected to a "revenge porn" lawsuit have filed court documents denying they are responsible for distributing intimate images of a female police officer in western Manitoba.
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Man charged with buying sex from teen in Child and Family Services care

A 53-year-old Manitoba man has been arrested and charged with buying sex from a minor who was in the care of Child and Family Services, according to court documents.

Former Winnipeg investment adviser fined $485K for 'misappropriating' wife's RRSP money

In the biggest fine it's ever imposed in Manitoba, an investment dealer regulatory body has levied penalties of $485,000 against a member who worked at a Winnipeg branch of RBC Dominion Securities.
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Woman accused in 'revenge porn' lawsuit says 2 men may have shared intimate images of police officer

The defendant in a "revenge porn" lawsuit has filed documents in court alleging two men may be responsible for sharing intimate images of a Brandon woman.
CBC Investigates

SkyCity developer could lose St. Regis Hotel, planned site of project's first phase

Fortress Real Developments has failed to live up to an agreement with city development agency CentreVenture, officials say, and could lose the St. Regis Hotel property, where it plans to start the first phase of the 45-storey SkyCity condo project.

More than 1,300 Manitobans seek help after intimate images shared

A charity that helps people harmed by “revenge porn” and unauthorized distribution of intimate images says more than 1,300 Manitobans have accessed the organization’s online resources in the last year in an effort to deal with the growing problem.
CBC Investigates

Condo buyer doubtful about future of downtown 'beacon of hope' after trustee appointed

A Winnipegger who hopes to own a unit in a planned downtown condo tower launched in 2013 by Fortress Real Developments says he's disappointed, and doubtful the tower will actually be built after signs of more troubles for the delayed project.
CBC Investigates

Police officer in 'revenge porn' case sues over distribution of intimate images

The last thing Brittany Roque expected to learn as she applied for a job with the Brandon Police Service was that the force had received intimate images of the young police cadet.

Winnipeg health authority ends contract with company 3 years after vulnerable man in its care found dead

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority says it no longer works with an agency involved in a controversial case in which a man with autism and diabetes was found dead in his apartment after not being checked on for four days.
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Use of force: Knowing when to pull the trigger is harder than it looks

The guy in the yellow tank top is coming at me with a heavy chain in his hand. "You better do something," a voice to my right says.
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To learn about mental health, Winnipeg police put voices in their heads

A Winnipeg company has created a program to help police experience what it's like to hear voices in your head to improve the way officers respond to people in mental health crisis.
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Most people who died in police encounters in Manitoba were Indigenous, CBC investigation finds

Eleven Indigenous people died in Manitoba since 2000 after an encounter with police, according to a CBC analysis of officer-involved deaths in Canada. Those 11 people account for almost 60 per cent of all of the deaths involving incidents with police in the province during that period.
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Criminal consequences for police officers are rare when a civilian dies

Critics say changes are needed to a system that sees hundreds of people die following fatal police encounters, and virtually no criminal consequences for officers.
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Investigation into foster homes confidential, won't be released: children's advocate

The provincial government asked the Office of the Children's Advocate to review a foster home program operating in western Manitoba two years ago, a review was completed, but neither the government nor the children's advocate will reveal the outcome.
CBC Investigates

Former foster home operators accused in lawsuit of inappropriate discipline, letting kids use drugs

A former operator of foster homes for high-risk youth in western Manitoba is being accused of permitting children in care to use illegal drugs, engaging in inappropriate discipline procedures with children and using staff who were subjects of abuse allegations to provide care.
CBC Investigates

Former Thompson pastor charged with sexual assault

The former pastor of the Thompson Christian Centre Fellowship has been charged with sexual assault. Church leadership is urging other potential victims to come forward.

Family pleads for leniency for ex-Winnipegger convicted of terrorism charges

The family of a former University of Manitoba student convicted of aiding a terror plot in Afghanistan has written to a U.S. court pleading for leniency ahead of sentencing on March 7.
CBC Investigates

Rabbi skips town after charges laid for multiple sex offences: Winnipeg police

A rabbi well known in Winnipeg’s Jewish community has been on the lam since October after being charged with sexual assault, sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching, CBC News has learned.
CBC Investigates

Former MLA dubbed 'Minister Tickles' apologizes after 5 women allege years of unwanted touching

Former Manitoba finance minister Stan Struthers has issued an apology after five women, including a former cabinet colleague, came forward to CBC News with allegations of unwanted touching — behaviour they say went on for years despite complaints to NDP brass.
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Number of falls in personal care homes appears to plummet, but change in reporting may be reason

Winnipeg's health authority has changed the way it counts critical incidents in nursing homes, eliminating from its statistics most of the serious falls that result in injury, CBC News has learned.
CBC Investigates

'It is heartbreaking': Violence at Winnipeg nursing homes causes 500 injuries to residents in 2 years

Residents are routinely abusing or assaulting other residents in Manitoba personal care homes, leading to two deaths in 2016 and more than 500 cases of injury in Winnipeg alone over the last two years, CBC News has learned.
CBC Investigates

'Gap in the system': Winnipeg man, once found unsuitable to sell securities, was able to sell life insurance

A former Winnipeg life insurance agent was allowed to keep selling insurance after he was found unsuitable for selling securities, in a case that an investor advocate says points to gaps in the regulatory system.
CBC Investigates

RCMP communications centre staff describe 'high school' environment, low morale: review

An internal report suggests interpersonal conflicts are hurting morale among the people who handle 911 calls at the RCMP Manitoba telecommunications centre, which has been plagued by staff shortages.
CBC Investigates

All RCMP communications centres across Canada understaffed, some by more than 50%

They’re considered a lifeline to officers in the field, but new numbers reveal all of the RCMP’s Operational Communications Centres across the country are understaffed, in some cases by as much as 50 per cent or more.
CBC Investigates

Some chiropractors forced to adjust websites after association cracks down on health messaging

The governing body for chiropractors in Manitoba has started to crack down on the advertising claims made by its members on their websites.
CBC Investigates

From BBQ brushes to brushes with the law: 10 memorable I-Team stories from 2017

The CBC I-Team began 2017 with a story connected to a major pocketbook item for a lot of people: the purchase of a car.

Health Canada decides against banning wire-bristle BBQ brushes

Health Canada has decided against banning the sale of wire-bristle barbecue brushes, and is instead leaving brush safety mostly in the hands of industry and grillers, according to its latest risk assessment report.
CBC Investigates

Penalties when workers die on the job don't go far enough, say labour groups, families

CBC News analysed more than 250 convictions in connection with a workplace fatality across Canada and found the median fine to be $97,000. Labour groups and families of the victims say the penalties don't go far enough.
CBC Investigates

Jazz prof Steve Kirby fired from Berklee College after U of M students share harassment complaints

Jazz professor Steve Kirby has been terminated from his job at Berklee College of Music after a number of University of Manitoba students and former students told the Boston-based college they had been harassed by Kirby.
CBC Investigates

Worker with open sore, reuse of disposables among recent problems found at Manitoba nail salons

Improper sterilization of tools and reuse of disposable items such as emery boards and pumice stones at nail salons were common problems in the latest public health inspection reports released to CBC News under Manitoba’s freedom-of-information law.
CBC Investigates

RCMP employee blows whistle on lead contamination risk from firing range

A civilian employee of the RCMP in Winnipeg says the police agency mishandled the issue of lead contamination from its indoor firing range and kept her in the dark about it.
CBC Investigates

Wire-bristle BBQ brush incident reports more than double

The number of incidents related to wire-bristle barbecue brushes reported to Health Canada more than doubled over the summer, while the regulator weighs what to do about the problem.
CBC Investigates

Crown stayed assault charge against retired RCMP officer, complainant left in the dark

A woman who complained she was assaulted by a retired RCMP officer says she was never informed the charge was stayed and still wishes she could have her day in court.
CBC Investigates

Parishioner suing former Manitoba Anglican priest for alleged sexual exploitation

A woman who was a parishioner of an Anglican church in western Manitoba is alleging she was exploited and sexually assaulted by her priest for years, after he manipulated her into a sexual relationship.
CBC Investigates

Vacationers want refund from Sunwing after problem-plagued Dominican Republic holiday

A Winnipeg couple who endured power outages, plumbing problems, loud buzzing in their room and even a fire at a Dominican Republic resort are hoping for a full refund from Sunwing Vacations months after the company ended its relationship with the resort.
CBC Investigates

'It was such a big secret': Man waives ban on his identity in father's incest trial

A son who is accusing his father of sexually abusing him in his youth has made the rare decision to waive the publication ban that typically applies to identifying victims in trials involving such sexual allegations.

Disbarred Winnipeg lawyer faces criminal charges

A former Winnipeg lawyer who was disbarred after misappropriating clients’ funds is now facing criminal charges.
CBC Investigates

U of M gave positive reference check for former prof accused of sexual harassment: Berklee College

Berklee College of Music says the University of Manitoba gave positive references for former jazz professor Steve Kirby.
CBC Investigates

1 in 7 Manitoba search warrants in study has serious flaws

One in seven search warrants in a Manitoba study was so flawed that it should never have been issued, says an unpublished copy of the study that was obtained by CBC News.
CBC Investigates

Make sexual harassment training mandatory at U of M, says advocate

A women's rights advocate says she is outraged that former U of M jazz professor Steve Kirby was able to retire in June and then get a new job teaching at a college in Boston, even though an internal investigation found his conduct at the University of Manitoba constituted sexual harassment.
CBC Investigates

U of Manitoba was warned about former jazz prof's behaviour years before he left

The University of Manitoba was warned repeatedly about concerns over the harassing behaviour of its star jazz professor, Steve Kirby, during a period stretching back many years.
CBC Investigates

Berklee College puts Steve Kirby on leave after allegations of sexual harassment at U of Manitoba

A former University of Manitoba jazz student is angry with the way the university handled an internal investigation into Prof/ Steve Kirby’s conduct, and says it didn’t do enough to create a safe environment for female students.
CBC Investigates

Female students allege sexual misconduct against former U of Manitoba jazz prof Steve Kirby

A celebrated jazz professor and musician has parted ways with the University of Manitoba after an internal investigation report found that he repeatedly made inappropriate sexual comments and unwanted sexual contact with a female student.
CBC Investigates

Winnipeg priest faces new sexual assault charges

A Catholic priest who founded and ran a youth centre in Winnipeg for decades is facing new sexual assault charges from three additional alleged victims.

Manufacturer urges standards for wire bristle barbecue brushes

A Canadian manufacturer says safety standards need to be imposed on wire bristle barbecue brushes sold in this country.
CBC Investigates

Health Canada assessing wire-bristle BBQ brush risks after 9 injury reports

After years of safety warnings and reports of injuries from wire-bristle brushes used to clean barbecue grills, Health Canada has begun a risk assessment that could potentially stop the sale of the brushes.

Pembina Trails School Division used Winnipeg immigration consultant charged with fraud

A Winnipeg man charged by the Canadian Border Services Agency in September for fraud was listed as a recruiter for Pembina Trails School Division’s international student program up until last week.
CBC Investigates

Korean workers in some Winnipeg sushi restaurants coerced into handing over part of pay to employers

As many as 26 sushi restaurants in Winnipeg may have used an unlicensed immigration consultant to hire Korean workers - some were coerced into slicing off part of their paycheques to give to their employers, according to court documents obtained by the CBC’s I-Team.
CBC Investigates

Labour Federation demands Manitoba Hydro improve safety after tower collapse

In the wake of a fatal transmission line tower collapse in Newfoundland and Labrador, the Manitoba Federation of Labour is calling on Manitoba Hydro to make sure workers doing similar work in this province are safe.
CBC Investigates

5 Manitoba Hydro transmission towers collapse during assembly

It’s described as a rare occurrence for a transmission tower to collapse during assembly, but CBC News has learned there have been five separate collapses in Manitoba since February.
CBC Investigates

Angry car buyer sues dealership, scores $5K settlement

They are the biggest car dealership group in Winnipeg, but that didn’t deter a Brunkild retiree who believed he was overcharged thousands of dollars for his 2016 Chevy Cruze.
CBC Investigates

'It was dripping fire onto her leg': Public insurer sues Fiat Chrysler after 2 vehicles catch fire

Manitoba Public Insurance is taking Fiat Chrysler to court after two of its vehicles caught fire in Manitoba, alleging there was faulty wiring in the sun visors.
CBC Investigates

Prearranged funeral money in limbo after funeral company goes out of business

A Winnipeg woman who paid thousands of dollars for a prearranged funeral has learned the company she signed with is no longer in business, and she doesn’t know how to get her money back.
CBC Investigates

Police still building case against alleged killer of Tina Fontaine

CBC News has learned that additional samples have been collected from Raymond Cormier while he awaits trial for the murder of Tina Fontaine.
CBC Investigates

Investors in SkyCity Centre development owed interest as bonds default

Investors who have put money into the startup costs of Winnipeg’s SkyCity Centre have been told their bonds are in default, according to documents obtained by CBC News.
CBC Investigates

Staff vacancies in Manitoba RCMP dispatch centre reach 'critical level'

Staffing shortages at the RCMP telecommunications centre in Manitoba have reached a "critical level" with 35 per cent of positions vacant, according to an internal staff note obtained by CBC News.
CBC Investigates

'It is a sad situation': New home warranty not enough to cover condo repairs

A group of Winnipeg condo owners, embroiled in a lawsuit over repairs needed to their new condos, won't get enough help from their new home warranty.
CBC Investigates

'Get more police officers out there': RCMP vacancy rate in Manitoba hits 8%

At a time when the RCMP is already facing concerns about staff shortages, new numbers show the rate of unfilled RCMP officer positions in Manitoba is sitting at eight per cent, CBC News has learned.
CBC Investigates

Activist says Manitoba Health was 'deceitful' to withhold chiropractic report

An activist who tried for years to get a copy of a report into chiropractic care in Manitoba says the government was ‘deceitful’ in denying her access to the report.
CBC Investigates

Publicly funded chiropractic care should have strict limits, leaked report says

Chiropractic services funded by the province should have strict limits and patients under 18 should not be funded, according to a report which was never made public, but was recently obtained by CBC.

I-TIP: Look up your landlord

Before you rent, do a little research on your landlord. The Residential Tenancies Branch has a database that keeps a record of landlords and tenants who have had to turn to the province to solve rental disputes.
CBC Investigates

Tina Fontaine's alleged killer going straight to trial

Raymond Cormier was directly indicted Tuesday afternoon in a Winnipeg court.
CBC Investigates

Workers may have been exposed to Ebola, HIV and TB at Winnipeg lab, reports reveal

More than a dozen employees may have been exposed to infectious contaminants in incidents at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg over a 22-month period.
CBC Investigates

Donald Trump Jr. TV show profiled Winnipeg businessman charged with tax evasion

In an infomercial-style television show he hosted in 2014, Donald Trump Jr. featured a Winnipeg businessman who was facing 12 income tax evasion charges in Manitoba.
CBC Investigates

Federal security officials approved Winnipeg police efforts to purchase spying devices

Federal public safety officials approved a licence that would enable the Winnipeg Police Service to purchase devices from an undisclosed company designed to intercept the private communications of citizens, documents obtained by CBC News reveal.

Panama Papers to pesticide problems: 10 memorable I-Team stories from 2016

The CBC I-Team takes a look in the rear-view mirror at their most memorable stories of 2016.

Funeral fiasco? There could be a fine

Funeral directors have their own code of ethics. When those rules are breached, consumers can turn to the Funeral Board of Manitoba.

Priest used youth drop-in centre as 'giant spider web' to catch victims

New allegations of sexual assault have emerged against a Catholic priest and convicted sex offender, CBC News has learned.