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A year after Northern B.C. murders, victim's mother finds support in Canadian trucker who also lost child

A year after the murders of three people in northern B.C. led to the largest manhunt in Canadian history, the mother of one of the victims and the Whitehorse trucker who built a memorial for her daughter reflect on the impact of the tragedy.

Fatal Christmas Eve beatings leave family mourning troubled couple in love

When Nellie Willams saw two suspects beating her boyfriend François Shurie, 37, in Duncan on Christmas Eve, her mother believes that the 29-year-old tried to cover and protect him, screaming at his attackers.

Military faced 'some confusion' during hectic Manitoba manhunt, report says

Military personnel involved in last summer's manhunt for two murder suspects in northern Manitoba were sent in without either a top commander directing them from headquarters, or an expert on how to best use the plane deployed to help with the search.

PMO fielded complaints from worried, frustrated Canadians during hunt for B.C. homicide suspects

Some Canadians wrote to the Prime Minister's Office during the hunt for the country's two most wanted men this summer to express frustration with how they thought the search for Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod was being handled.

Father of B.C. fugitive Bryer Schmegelsky views video clip of son's will

The father of one of two young B.C. men who became fugitives after allegedly killing three strangers in July has now seen part of a video his son recorded minutes before apparently taking his own life.

Father of suspected northern B.C. killer seeks access to video of 'last will and testament'

Sarah Leamon says her client Al Schmegelsky, father of suspected killer Bryer Schmegelsky, wants to see the video to bring closure to his son's death. 

Brother of B.C. homicide victim says family may never know why she was killed

The eldest brother of homicide victim Chynna Deese says he's not expecting the police investigation to provide a definitive answer as to why she was killed in such a seemingly random act.

RCMP say B.C. fugitives died in what appears to be suicides by gunfire

RCMP confirmed Monday the two bodies are fugitives Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod, and they died in what appears to be suicides by gunfire.

Family of woman killed in B.C. wishes father of suspect offered a 'genuine apology'

The sister of an American woman killed in B.C. says her family forgives two men suspected in her death, but denounced comments from the father of one suspect.

Manitoba RCMP find 'item that may be of interest' in area where search for B.C. fugitives ended

Manitoba RCMP are continuing to scour the area where the hunt for two B.C. fugitives ended earlier this week with the discovery of two bodies thought to be the suspects.

Retired senior Mountie says answers could still come in B.C. homicides

Investigators should be able to provide some answers about three homicides in northern British Columbia even though two suspects in the case are believed to be dead, says a former RCMP assistant commissioner.

Family, communities react as hunt for B.C. suspects comes to an end

Mother of victim Chynna Deese says she is "speechless" at the news that the fugitives suspected in her daughter's slaying have been found dead in Manitoba.

Bodies found in northern Manitoba believed to be 2 B.C. fugitives

RCMP believe they have found the bodies of B.C. fugitives Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky in northern Manitoba, ending a cross-Canada search for the men suspected of killing three people.

RCMP find items linked to B.C. homicide suspects on northern Manitoba shoreline

Police said in a Facebook post Tuesday they located several items on a shoreline Saturday, about nine kilometres from where a burnt-out vehicle used by Kam Mcleod and Bryer Schmegelsky was found last month.

RCMP dive team ends Manitoba river search for B.C. fugitives with no new leads

The RCMP's Underwater Recovery Team has come up empty after completing an exhaustive search of the Nelson River in northern Manitoba for signs of two fugitives wanted in connection with three homicides in northern British Columbia.

RCMP divers search Manitoba river after damaged boat found in hunt for B.C. fugitives

Divers spent hours Sunday afternoon searching a northern Manitoba river near the spot where a damaged aluminum boat washed up on shore, in hopes there may be clues to the whereabouts of two suspects wanted in connection to three B.C. homicides.

RCMP sending underwater team to Gillam, Man., to assist in search for B.C. homicide suspects

RCMP say they are sending a dive team to the remote community of Gillam, Man., to assist in the search for two suspects wanted in connection to three northern B.C. homicides.

Gillam artist hopes mural quells residual gloom after RCMP search for B.C. fugitives

An artist in a normally quiet northern Manitoba town that became the epicentre of a vast police search for two murder suspects hopes his newest work helps lighten the mood for people in Gillam.

Why #manhunt can be a minefield of misinformation on search for B.C. fugitives

An expert on social media and policing weighs in on the public's use of social media during the ongoing search for fugitives, Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky.

'We always love you': Funeral held in Australia for B.C. murder victim Lucas Fowler

Lucas Fowler turned dreams of travel into reality and lived a life "many of us envied," his father said at his funeral service in Sydney, Australia, on Friday.

Life getting back to normal, but uncertainty keeps Gillam on edge as hunt for B.C. fugitives scales down

For 10 days, focus has been trained on the small northern town of Gillam, Man., where the RCMP has concentrated their hunt for two B.C. homicide suspects. As the force begins to reduce resources in the area, the town is split on how to move forward.

'He wanted to talk:' Hunt for B.C. fugitives stirs Sask. woman's memories of finding Mountie killer in field

For a Saskatchewan woman who discovered a fugitive Mountie killer hiding in her family's hayfield more than a decade ago, the intense search for two young murder suspects in northern Manitoba stirs old memories.

'They will have to surface': Community vigilance key to bringing B.C. fugitives to justice, experts say

Though the massive hunt for two B.C. fugitives is scaling down in northern Manitoba, experts say participation by the public will remain key to bringing Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky to justice.

Chynna Deese's brother asks 'entire country of Canada' to help catch suspects

The brother of one of three people whose killing led to a nationwide search said losing his sister has left his family paralyzed with grief.

'It is not over' but search for B.C. homicide suspects scaling down

RCMP are scaling down their hunt in northern Manitoba for two B.C. homicide suspects, citing a lack of new leads as the search stretches into its ninth day, but the head of Manitoba’s Mounties insists they are not giving up.

Northern First Nations will need trauma support after hunt for B.C. pair ends, chiefs say

It isn't clear when, where or how the hunt for two B.C. homicide suspects will end, but Indigenous leaders suspect the scale and impact of the search will linger in the minds of northern Manitoba First Nation residents well after the large police and military presence is gone.

First Nation constable says he stopped B.C. fugitives who drove through unrelated checkstop

A rookie band constable on a remote Manitoba First Nation says he saw the men who are now Canada's most wanted fugitives drive through his community's checkstop a day before police said they were wanted in connection with three killings.

No need to be discouraged, experts say, as expansive hunt for B.C. fugitives drags on

It's been a week since the last confirmed sighting of two B.C. homicide suspects, but law enforcement experts say the trail hasn't necessarily gone cold.

Mounties leaving York Landing, Man., as latest tip in search for fugitives comes up empty

Some of the RCMP officers in pursuit of two B.C. homicide suspects are leaving York Landing, Man., after their extensive search of the community appeared to turn up nothing. 

High-profile homicides reopen debate over police, privacy and the public's right to know

A former police officer is questioning why RCMP waited four days to reveal they were investigating a double homicide in B.C. that would later turn into a cross-Canada manhunt for a pair of men suspected of killing three people along remote northern highways.

RCMP search for B.C. fugitives shifts to York Landing, Man.

RCMP officers are now searching the remote community of York Landing, Man., as they continue a large-scale search for two B.C. homicide suspects who have been on the run for nearly a week.

Bear Clan co-ordinator describes possible sighting of B.C. fugitives

Travis Bighetty said 'it didn't click right away' after the Bear Clan patrol co-ordinator spotted what he believed to be the two B.C. fugitives in York Landing, Man.

York Factory First Nation chief says community 'very on edge' amid fugitive search

Chief Leroy Constant of York Factory First Nation says local authorities are doing their best to ensure the safety of their community amid the ongoing search for two B.C. fugitives.

RCMP searching York Landing, Man., for B.C. fugitives

RCMP are now searching the remote community of York Landing, Man., as they continue a large-scale search for two B.C. homicide suspects who have been on the run for nearly a week.

Police fielding over 200 tips on 2 fugitives, still focused on northern Manitoba

As the nearly week-long search for Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, and Kam McLeod, 19, intensified Sunday, the RCMP said there had been no new sightings of the pair and no new information to indicate they have left the area.

Winnipeg's Bear Clan Patrol to act as 'ambassadors' as Mounties hunt fugitives

For the first time, the Winnipeg-based Bear Clan Patrol is arriving in remote First Nations in Northern Manitoba amid the massive hunt for two fugitives.

Fox Lake, Man., residents welcome RCMP presence amid search for homicide suspects

Residents of a small, remote Manitoba First Nation say they are relieved to have RCMP officers door knocking in their community, which some people haven't left in days due to safety concerns in the massive search for two B.C. homicide suspects.

Military arrives in northern Manitoba to help search for homicide suspects

A Canadian military aircraft has landed in Gillam, Man., and will join the search for two young homicide suspects in northern Manitoba. 

B.C. homicide suspect Bryer Schmegelsky not a neo-Nazi, dad says

Al Schmegelsky says son Bryer — wanted in connection with three homicides — thought neo-Nazi memorabilia was "cool."
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Transfixed by tragedy: mystery of alleged 'team killers' captures world's attention

Last week, cameras in a pair of northern towns thousands of kilometres apart recorded two chapters of an unfolding mystery: a weary couple’s intimate hug in the last days of their lives and a purchase by the two blank-faced teens suspected of killing them. The tragedy has left the public transfixed.

Fatigue, 'maze' of bush and B.C. suspects' desperation elevate risk to police as search drags on: experts

Police face danger not only from unforgiving terrain, but also from the potential desperation of the two suspects, as the search continues in northern Manitoba for homicide suspects Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky, experts say.

B.C. murder suspect not a neo-Nazi, is more fascinated by Russia, dad says

A murder suspect who allegedly sent photographs of a swastika armband and a Hitler Youth knife to an online friend was not a Nazi sympathizer, but he did think the memorabilia was "cool," says his father.

Two-spirit advocate aims to fight fear with spirituality as search for suspects continues in northern Manitoba

Brielle Beardy-Linklater is hoping to bring comfort and spiritual support to people in a northern Manitoba First Nation who are struggling as they watch a massive police hunt for two B.C. homicide suspects unfold in their community.

On the road where a body was found, a wreath is quietly laid in Northern B.C.

Debra Dennis, 56, laid a wreath at the spot where Leonard Dyck was found dead as a gesture to his family. She was born and raised in the area, near Dease Lake, B.C., and said the stranger's death hit home.

Suspects might have escaped Gillam, Man., with 'inadvertent' help, RCMP says

Someone might have "inadvertently" helped two homicide suspects elude police in northern Manitoba, according to the RCMP and, if so, they want to hear about it. 

False alarm: Online photo not B.C. fugitive, Mounties warn against spreading rumours

A man bearing an uncanny resemblance to B.C. fugitive Kam McLeod, shown in a photo posing with a copy of Thursday’s Winnipeg Sun, is not the murder suspect, police confirm.

Likely 'no turning back' for fugitives suspected in B.C. killings, psychologists say

Two men suspected in three B.C. killings “have nothing to lose” and the danger of more violence increases as police in northern Manitoba intensify their search, criminal psychologists warn.

Fox Lake worker launches nightly patrol for fugitives suspected of B.C. homicides

The man who first discovered the torched SUV driven by the fugitives suspected of killing three people in northern British Columbia is taking matters into his own hands to help protect his northern Manitoba community. 

'Truly irreplaceable': University lecturer killed in Northern B.C. dedicated career to studying plant life

A university lecturer and father-of-two who died during one of his characteristic, solitary camping trips through British Columbia's haven-like backcountry was a deeply introspective outdoorsman who, friends say, was profoundly engrossed with nature and the study of plants, to which he dedicated much of his life.

Fugitives likely still in Gillam, Man., area, RCMP says

The RCMP say they believe the two young men who are suspects in the homicides of a tourist couple in British Columbia, and who have been charged in a third, are still in the area around Gillam in northern Manitoba.

Buggy, boggy and brutal: Area of northern Manitoba search is unforgiving, experts say

The harsh northern Manitoba terrain where police are looking for two fugitives wanted in connection with the deaths of three people in British Columbia will spit out anybody who is unprepared, people with knowledge of the area say.

Timeline: How 3 killings in B.C. turned into the cross-Canada pursuit of 2 teenagers

A string of homicides in northern B.C. led to a cross-Canada search for teen suspects Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky. These were the key events in the unfolding story.

3rd victim ID'd in Northern B.C. homicides, teen fugitives charged

Teen fugitives Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky have been charged with second-degree murder in the death of a Vancouver man — the third victim in the recent killings in Northern B.C. Leonard Dyck was identified by police on Wednesday. 

RCMP will use every resource to comb harsh terrain for suspects in B.C. killings, experts say

Aircraft, thermal imaging, dogs, different types of vehicles — police will use every resource they can in a countrywide manhunt for two young men who are suspects in the deaths of three people in northern B.C., a former RCMP officer says.

Northwestern Ontario OPP issue public safety alert as search for BC murder suspects continues

Northwestern Ontario OPP have issued a public safety alert as a national search continues for two British Columbia murder suspects last seen in Manitoba, and believed to be travelling eastward.

Manhunt underway after burnt vehicle found in northern Manitoba used by suspects in B.C. homicides: RCMP

A burnt-out vehicle found outside Gillam, Man., is the same one driven by two B.C. teens wanted in connection with three homicides in British Columbia, according to the RCMP. 

What we know about Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky, targets of national manhunt

Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, are the subjects of a national manhunt after RCMP named them as suspects in the double homicide of Lucas Fowler and Chynna Deese and charged with second-degree murder in the death of a Vancouver man.

'Living in fear': Killings drive home vulnerability for Northern B.C. residents

Pristine wilderness draws tourists and residents alike to a vision of Northern British Columbia as a kind of unspoiled Eden. Many say they've been left uneasy by seeing it turned into a crime scene.

All-night police search in northern Manitoba for suspects in B.C. homicide of young couple: First Nation chief

An all-night police patrol is being established in northern Manitoba as the search continues for two suspects in the homicides of a young tourist couple gunned down in British Columbia, as well as in the suspicious death of another man, a Manitoba First Nation chief says.

2 B.C. men considered missing now suspects in homicide of young couple

Two men previously reported missing are now suspects in the homicides of a young couple gunned down in Northern B.C. last week, as well as in the suspicious death of another man whose body was found near the men's burnt-out truck days later.

A couple in love, friends in search of work: Portraits of people at the centre of 2 Northern B.C. mysteries

The deaths of a young couple, an unidentified body found by a highway, and the disappearance of two young men within the span of a week have shone a spotlight on the vast region of Northern B.C. which attracts tourists and workers in search of adventure in the hot summer months.
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3 victims, 2 suspects dead: What we know about the northern B.C. cases

The deaths of three people in northern B.C. and the cross-country search for two suspects, later found dead, set Canadians on edge.

Couple killed in northern B.C. were shot, RCMP seek man for questioning

On Monday, RCMP also gave an update into a second, separate investigation in northern B.C., saying it's 'possible' the two cases are linked.

Drivers of burned-out truck found in Northern B.C. now considered missing

Police said there are "growing community concerns" after a total of five people have been declared missing or murdered in the region in the past week — although officers say they don't know if the cases are related. 

Couple found dead on remote B.C. highway were wild about travel, mother says

The mother of a woman killed on a remote stretch of the Alaska Highway in Northern B.C. last week says her daughter was a "giver" who volunteered, loved people, and worked double shifts for weeks to travel with her Australian boyfriend.

Vehicle fire, discovery of dead body near Dease Lake, B.C., under investigation

Police say there's nothing to link the incidents to the deaths of a young a couple along Alaska Highway in Northern B.C.

Young couple shot dead along Alaska Highway remembered as 'bright and beautiful souls'

Australian police have confirmed that a young man found dead with a young woman along the Alaska Highway earlier this week is the son of a senior New South Wales police officer.