Manitoba elections commission dismisses Tory complaint about union ad campaign

Manitoba's commissioner of elections has dismissed a complaint from the Progressive Conservative party that alleged a union broke the limit on third-party spending during last year's provincial election.

Manitoba's political parties slashed spending in 2019 election over 2016 totals

Manitoba's major political parties all cut their spending in the last election campaign, despite having higher donation and expense limits.

Billboards and racial tension: The 2019 Manitoba election

The 2019 Manitoba election was a campaign devoid of substance. Outside of the debates, there was little attention paid to major issues. Therefore, it is not surprising that issues of importance for Indigenous peoples were all but missing from the campaign trail.

'Suddenly the balloon pops': Election campaign defeat can take emotional toll on candidates

Former candidates and political observers reflect on the emotional impact of running and losing in an election.

How Manitoba broke ground with a decades-long proportional representation experiment now 'faded from memory'

For a long but largely forgotten period of Manitoba's history, voters were represented by multi-member constituencies and voted by ranking their candidates in order of preference. But just as suddenly they adopted it, political leaders abandoned it. 

More women, more people of colour but fewer Indigenous MLAs in Manitoba legislature

Manitoba's next legislature will include 15 women, seven people of colour and seven Indigenous MLAs.

Trio of black MLAs make history by winning seats in Manitoba Legislature

Until Tuesday's vote, no black person had ever been elected to the Manitoba Legislature in the 150-year history of this province. Now there are three.

Turnout for Manitoba provincial election falls short of 2016 levels

Voter turnout in Tuesday's provincial election fell short of the percentage that cast ballots in 2016.

NDP sweep northern Manitoba, while rural south stays blue

Rural Manitoba's commitment to the Progressive Conservatives wasn't shaken this election, but the north was a different story, with an NDP sweep.

Jubilant Pallister claims 2nd straight PC majority — albeit a smaller one

Brian Pallister will keep his job as premier of Manitoba after voters handed his Progressive Conservative party another majority government in Tuesday's election.

Meet the rookies: Manitobans elect 13 first-time MLAs

The results are in and Manitobans in several ridings will now spend the next few years looking to a crop of rookies voted in as members of the legislature Tuesday night.

Brian Pallister held the starter's pistol in Manitoba — and it's no surprise he won the race

There were cheers and selfies and bursts of confetti at Tory headquarters in Winnipeg on Tuesday as Brian Pallister cruised to another majority government in Manitoba. But the celebration was subdued because the outcome of the vote — held a year ahead of schedule — was never really in doubt.

Manitoba's election results mapped at scale paint a different picture from traditional maps

Traditional election result maps visually distort the political influence of ridings. To solve this, CBC News reinvented Manitoba's political map to provide a more accurate picture of the election outcome.

Manitoba Green Party fails to gain seat in legislature, losing Wolseley riding

The Green Party of Manitoba has failed to capitalize on the gains of Greens across the country, ending the provincial election with no seats in the Manitoba Legislature.

These are the incumbent Manitoba MLAs who were unseated in the election

Manitobans welcomed some rookie MLAs to their legislature on Tuesday, but also showed a few veterans the door.

Manitoba Liberal Party wins 3 seats, but loses official party status

The Manitoba Liberals have secured three seats in Tuesday's election — one short of the number needed to maintain official party status in the legislature.

Manitoba NDP in celebratory mood despite another electoral defeat

The Opposition NDP went into the 2019 election with 12 seats — two fewer than they held after the 2016 election. On Tuesday, they increased that number to 18 seats.

Progressive Conservatives sweep all 3 Brandon seats

For the first time in history, residents in Brandon will be represented by three Progressive Conservative MLAs, as the party holds power of all three ridings now within city limits.

Polls close in Manitoba's 42nd general election

Manitobans went to the polls today in an election that has the incumbent Progressive Conservatives seeking a second majority government.

What's been promised by Manitoba's political parties in the 2019 election

CBC Manitoba's provincial election team kept tabs on promises made by parties. Our list is broken down by categories such as economy or health.

'Now it's up to the people': Manitoba voters, politicians await provincial election results

After a four-week summertime campaign that offered few surprises and did not garner much public attention, voters will determine Tuesday whether the Progressive Conservatives get a second mandate for cost-cutting and tax reductions.

University, college students split on whether they'll vote. Here's why

University and college students are split on whether they'll go out and vote Tuesday in the provincial election.

Kinew pleads Manitoba Liberal, Green supporters to vote NDP

The Manitoba NDP leader is asking people who oppose the Progressive Conservative government to vote for the New Democrats ahead of Tuesday's election, claiming they are the only party that can prevent a second Tory term.

Pallister makes final pitch to voters on eve of Manitoba election

Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister has made a final pitch to voters ahead of tomorrow's provincial election.

Party goals and platitudes: What the leaders say about their election-night chances vs. how well they could do

On the cusp of election day, all four of Manitoba's mainstream parties have entirely different goals. But not all four leaders are entirely candid about what they are.