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'Suddenly the balloon pops': Election campaign defeat can take emotional toll on candidates

Former candidates and political observers reflect on the emotional impact of running and losing in an election.

How Manitoba broke ground with a decades-long proportional representation experiment now 'faded from memory'

For a long but largely forgotten period of Manitoba's history, voters were represented by multi-member constituencies and voted by ranking their candidates in order of preference. But just as suddenly they adopted it, political leaders abandoned it. 

More women, more people of colour but fewer Indigenous MLAs in Manitoba legislature

Manitoba's next legislature will include 15 women, seven people of colour and seven Indigenous MLAs.

Meet the rookies: Manitobans elect 13 first-time MLAs

The results are in and Manitobans in several ridings will now spend the next few years looking to a crop of rookies voted in as members of the legislature Tuesday night.

Brian Pallister held the starter's pistol in Manitoba — and it's no surprise he won the race

There were cheers and selfies and bursts of confetti at Tory headquarters in Winnipeg on Tuesday as Brian Pallister cruised to another majority government in Manitoba. But the celebration was subdued because the outcome of the vote — held a year ahead of schedule — was never really in doubt.

Manitoba's election results mapped at scale paint a different picture from traditional maps

Traditional election result maps visually distort the political influence of ridings. To solve this, CBC News reinvented Manitoba's political map to provide a more accurate picture of the election outcome.

These are the incumbent Manitoba MLAs who were unseated in the election

Manitobans welcomed some rookie MLAs to their legislature on Tuesday, but also showed a few veterans the door.

Turnout for Manitoba provincial election falls short of 2016 levels

Voter turnout in Tuesday's provincial election fell short of the percentage that cast ballots in 2016.

NDP sweep northern Manitoba, while rural south stays blue

Rural Manitoba's commitment to the Progressive Conservatives wasn't shaken this election, but the north was a different story, with an NDP sweep.

Manitoba Liberal Party wins 3 seats, but loses official party status

The Manitoba Liberals have secured three seats in Tuesday's election — one short of the number needed to maintain official party status in the legislature.

Manitoba NDP in celebratory mood despite another electoral defeat

The Opposition NDP went into the 2019 election with 12 seats — two fewer than they held after the 2016 election. On Tuesday, they increased that number to 18 seats.

Manitoba Green Party fails to gain seat in legislature, losing Wolseley riding

The Green Party of Manitoba has failed to capitalize on the gains of Greens across the country, ending the provincial election with no seats in the Manitoba Legislature.

Progressive Conservatives sweep all 3 Brandon seats

For the first time in history, residents in Brandon will be represented by three Progressive Conservative MLAs, as the party holds power of all three ridings now within city limits.

Trio of black MLAs make history by winning seats in Manitoba Legislature

Until Tuesday's vote, no black person had ever been elected to the Manitoba Legislature in the 150-year history of this province. Now there are three.

Jubilant Pallister claims 2nd straight PC majority — albeit a smaller one

Brian Pallister will keep his job as premier of Manitoba after voters handed his Progressive Conservative party another majority government in Tuesday's election.

'Now it's up to the people': Manitoba voters, politicians await provincial election results

After a four-week summertime campaign that offered few surprises and did not garner much public attention, voters will determine Tuesday whether the Progressive Conservatives get a second mandate for cost-cutting and tax reductions.

Polls close in Manitoba's 42nd general election

Manitobans went to the polls today in an election that has the incumbent Progressive Conservatives seeking a second majority government.

University, college students split on whether they'll vote. Here's why

University and college students are split on whether they'll go out and vote Tuesday in the provincial election.

Pallister makes final pitch to voters on eve of Manitoba election

Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister has made a final pitch to voters ahead of tomorrow's provincial election.

Roundup: What have the provincial leaders said on the campaign trail?

There may only be hours left until Manitobans head to the polls for Tuesday's provincial election, but there's still time to brush up on what the leaders of each major party have said since the writ was dropped last month.

Too many signs and no incumbents: A look at 2 of the most diverse ridings in Manitoba

The Maples and Burrows are two of Winnipeg's most diverse ridings and, this election, the victor is nearly impossible to predict. It’s perfectly normal to knock on a door that has a lawn displaying support for the Liberals, New Democrats and Progressive Conservatives. 

Party goals and platitudes: What the leaders say about their election-night chances vs. how well they could do

On the cusp of election day, all four of Manitoba's mainstream parties have entirely different goals. But not all four leaders are entirely candid about what they are.

Trading barbs: Tories accuse NDP of ignoring rural voters, while NDP demands release of health-care plan

Two days before Manitobans go to the polls, the incumbent Progressive Conservatives slammed the New Democrats for ignoring voters outside Winnipeg, while the NDP demanded the Tories come clean about the health-care reforms to come if they remain in government.

Manitoba First or Forward? Ex-radio host, former Philippines honorary counsul seek seats for smaller parties

A new political party — Manitoba First — and a rehash of a party with growing pains — Manitoba Forward — are among the new choices on the ballot for some Manitobans on Sept. 10.

Campaign promises: Checking on fact, fiction and everything in between in the lead-up to Manitoba election

From easily debunked to muddied enough to be unverifiable, the CBC Manitoba election fact checking team sifted through the details of close to 100 announcements since beginning of the 2019 campaign period.

Stupid questions for smart candidates: 2019 Manitoba election edition

It's time to subject the Manitoba party leaders to a series of pop culture and lifestyle questions — not to test their knowledge, but as a means of revealing their personalities.

Every vote counts in St. Vital, where tight race expected after narrow PC win in 2016

The candidates vying to become the next MLA in Winnipeg's St. Vital constituency are so invested in the race, they'll campaign in the midst of life's biggest milestones — and dig deep into their own pockets. 

Manitoba NDP reiterate health care promises in final push as election looms

The Manitoba New Democrats are spending the final weekend before Tuesday's election putting out thousands of new signs on lawns across the province.

Manitoba Liberals promise to invest in French education, child-care spaces

The Manitoba Liberals are promising to invest in French-language education and services if elected Tuesday.

Wab Kinew zeroes in on 'health care crisis' and how his strength and weakness are the same thing

Wab Kinew is clear about his party's priority in the Manitoba election, circling back to the topic of health at every opportunity.

Manitoba union alleges illegal pro-Tory partisan ads

A Manitoba union filed a complaint to Elections Manitoba Thursday claiming a contractors association responsible for advertisements endorsing a pending construction tendering bill violates election law.

Brian Pallister heads to northern Manitoba as campaign enters home stretch

Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister has headed north as the campaign for Tuesday's provincial election enters the home stretch.

Nearly 113,000 Manitobans cast ballots during advance voting

If advance voting is a measuring stick, Manitobans are slightly more eager about the coming provincial election than they were in 2016.

Hundreds turn out for climate debate by Manitoba political leaders

Hundreds of Manitobans packed into a downtown ballroom Thursday evening to hear from leaders of three of the province’s four main parties on climate issues.

Recently retired nurse, union say election promise to hire more nurses won't fix 'acute' shortage

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has released figures that show there were 1,350 vacant nursing positions as of August — an increase from 1,171 the previous year. A retired nurse and the Manitoba Nurses Union both say the province's health-care system is losing valuable expertise.

What is 'near and dear' to Brian Pallister's heart? Education, health care and his wife's pizza

Brian Pallister knows exactly where to turn when he needs to fill his heart and his stomach, saluting his wife for both.

Jobs summit to connect workers, private sector would be first up for re-elected Manitoba Tories: Pallister

Party Leader Brian Pallister says the Progressive Conservatives will hold a jobs summit to connect workers with the private sector a week after being sworn in if re-elected on Tuesday.

Liberals commit to ensuring most Manitobans no more than 20 minutes from health care access

The Liberals want to cut down on health care-related travel costs and say if elected next Tuesday, they’ll work to make sure the majority of Manitobans are no more than 20 minutes away from access to primary care. 

Front-runners campaign to appeal to base in final days before Manitoba vote

Manitoba's election campaign has entered its final days with the leaders of the two main parties focusing on their key messages as they hustle for votes in the home stretch.

Greens would axe education property tax, make up funding with tax hike for corporations, high-income earners

Manitoba's Green Party is promising to scrap the province's education property tax if elected, replacing lost funding with revenue from increased corporate taxes and higher income taxes for those earning more than $70,000.

With less than a week to go, Manitoba's election remains Brian Pallister's to lose

The Manitoba Poll Tracker suggests Brian Pallister's Progressive Conservatives are on track for another majority government.

NDP promises to ban mandatory OT for nurses

Manitoba New Democrats say nurses won't be required to work overtime if the party returns to power next week.

Dougald Lamont dishes on music, elbow patches and ending a 66-year Liberal drought

Dougald Lamont wants you to know he does not wear elbow patches on his tweed suit jackets but he will patch up the health care mess he says the Progressive Conservatives have thrust on Manitoba.

Tories would once again order Crown corporations to cut 15% of senior management positions

PC Leader Brian Pallister confirmed on Wednesday that his party's new directive of a 15 per cent cut of senior management positions across summary government organizations would also apply to Crown corporations.

Manitoba Liberals promise to opt into national pharmacare program

The Manitoba Liberals are promising to opt into a national pharmacare system in Canada if elected next Tuesday.

'I'm part of this country now fully': New Canadians cast vote for the very first time

A couple who immigrated to Manitoba from the Philippines is celebrating after voting in the provincial election for the very first time.

Candidates running in Winnipeg's inner city nearly all riding outsiders, CBC News analysis finds

More than 80 per cent of candidates vying to become MLAs for Winnipeg's inner-city communities don't live within the boundaries of the ridings where they're running, CBC News has found, with some living deep in suburbia, bedroom communities outside city limits and even in Brandon.

International students can't vote but want their voices heard on election day

International students are not allowed to cast a ballot in the provincial election next week but they hope to influence the outcome anyway — by appealing to voters.

NDP promises to restore special drugs program

Manitoba New Democrats are promising to restore a special-drugs program that used to cover the pharmacare deductible for people with chronic and serious illnesses.

Green leader wants more honesty from politicians, better humour from himself

Manitobans head to the polls in seven days and the leaders of the province's four main political parties are live on CBC Manitoba's Information Radio this week in a bid to win over voters.

Tories promise to gradually phase education tax out of property bills

The Progressive Conservatives are promising to eliminate a tax that municipalities have long been had to collect on behalf of school boards.

Liberals would create safe places program to cut crime

The Manitoba Liberals promise to create a program that would give vulnerable people a safe place to go, 24 hours a day.

PCs promise to let brewers sell on-site drinks without steep government markups

Manitoba's craft breweries and distilleries will be able to keep more cash from sales they make on-site if the Progressive Conservatives are re-elected next week.

Liberals, NDP promise sick note ban, tout $15 minimum wage pledge

Manitoba New Democrats and Liberals were promising to make the lives of workers better Monday while using Labour Day as a backdrop.

NDP leader promises 'cheaper' public insurance during Winnipeg Sikh gathering

Manitoba NDP leader Wab Kinew chose a Sikh-community gathering to promise cheaper public insurance — but his party later said he was merely repeating his claim his Progressive Conservative counterpart has driven up the cost of insuring vehicles.

Manitoba Liberals promise more money to help students afford university

Manitoba Liberals are promising more financial aid for students who need help paying for university tuition, if elected next week.

Manitoba NDP to allow private home-care contracts to expire if elected

Manitoba's New Democrats promise they won't renew a pair of private home-care contracts if the party returns to power next week.

Disenfranchised and disillusioned: Little progress made for voters with disabilities

Prior to the 2015 federal election, Elections Canada created an advisory group for disability issues. Despite that, as Manitobans prepare to vote in both a provincial and federal election in the coming weeks, little has changed for voters with disabilities, says Megan Linton.

Manitoba Progressive Conservatives holding on to lead: poll

The Manitoba Progressive Conservatives still have the most support among voters in the upcoming provincial election, according to a new poll, although they are tied with the NDP within vote-rich Winnipeg. 

Manitoba Tories want ER wait time data released, but Grits argue that would break election blackout rules

Manitoba's Progressive Conservatives want permission to release ER and urgent care wait times for the month of July — but the provincial Liberal party is refusing that request, saying it would break blackout rules in place during an election period.

Manitoba PC leader says Tory government would make seniors more secure

Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister says a Tory government would benefit seniors if it were re-elected on Sept. 10.

Manitoba New Democrats say they would cap tuition increases to inflation

Leader Wab Kinew says the Manitoba New Democrats would help students by capping post-secondary tuition increases to no more than the rate of inflation.

Can Wab Kinew rise above his past? Experts split on whether Manitoba NDP leader is electable

While Manitoba's Progressive Conservatives keep drawing attention to NDP Leader Wab Kinew's past, they may not need to do so. Among political scientists and other informed observers, it's not clear Kinew is electable as a party leader.

With PCs a no-show, little separates remaining parties at health-care debate

One day after taking part in his first debate of the provincial election campaign, things went back to normal on Thursday night for Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister.

Manitoba Tories announce pledge to open economic development office in Brandon

Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister took his campaign to Brandon on Thursday, where he announced the establishment of a new economic development office if he's re-elected as premier.

Manitoba political leaders trade barbs in live debate

Wab Kinew (NDP), Brian Pallister (PC), Dougald Lamont (Liberals) and James Beddome (Greens) weighed in on the issues.

Manitoba Liberals promise to boost cell and internet service in the north

Manitoba Liberals say they would bring cellphone service and high-speed internet to every northern community if they win the Sept. 10 provincial election.

Manitoba NDP promises to restore cap on K-3 classroom sizes, add classrooms

The Manitoba New Democrats say they will restore classroom size limits and add more classrooms if they're elected on Sept. 10.

Tories, NDP trade accusations: PCs warn of tax hikes while New Democrats say cuts will come

Progressive Conservatives are warning voters about a possible PST hike if the NDP is elected in Manitoba next month, while the New Democrats caution health-care cuts and new premiums could come if the Tories remain in government.

Advance voting begins in Manitoba

Advance voting begins Thursday for the Sept. 10 provincial election.

Manitoba debate night wisdom: Keep your cash on the kitchen table and take a walk around a pond

In the only opportunity for all four mainstream Manitoba political leaders to hammer each other in the same room, no one scored a knockout punch. No one sustained a serious self-inflicted injury. No one managed to make a truly memorable zinger or commit a groan-inducing comedic fail.

Manitoba NDP, PCs accuse each other of breaking campaign messaging rules

Manitoba New Democrats and Progressive Conservatives are accusing each other of breaking the rules on the use of public resources for their messaging.

Manitoba PCs promise tax interest surcharge rollback for small businesses

Party leader Brian Pallister says small businesses that ow money on their taxes will see a rollback on an interest surcharge if the Progressive Conservatives are re-elected on Sept. 10.

Manitoba premier blames CRTC rate change for Bell's cuts to rural internet program

A decision by telecom giant Bell Canada to scale back its rural internet expansion program has Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister pointing blame at the CRTC, while critics say the responsibility lies with the company.

10 ridings to watch in the Manitoba provincial election

With new boundaries, new ridings and new leaders at the helm of the NDP and Manitoba Liberals, some of the province's 57 ridings may have surprising results in the Sept. 10 election. Here is a look at 10 ridings to watch as Manitobans prepare to vote.

Manitoba's incumbent Tories have only committed to a single leaders debate

Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister was being accused Tuesday of hiding from his opponents after plans for one leaders debate fell through and another seemed uncertain.

NDP, Liberals, Greens promise guaranteed basic income at Disabilities Matter debate

Few wedge issues materialized at the Disability Matters Vote debate to separate the Tories, NDP, Liberals and Greens, which all pledged to offer more supports to people who live with disabilities and those who care for them, except on the subject of income.

Manitoba Liberals would open virtual addictions centre to deal with meth crisis

The Manitoba Liberals are promising to open a virtual addictions co-ordination centre if elected on Sept.10.

Manitoba NDP pledge money for counselling, mental-health services

Manitoba New Democrats are promising more money for mental health if they win the Sept. 10 provincial election.

Manitoba Greens pitch 20% tax on sweet drinks to reduce diabetes

The Manitoba Green Party plans to bring in a tax on sweet drinks if it wins the Sept. 10 election.

How to watch the Manitoba party leaders' debate tonight

The leaders of the province's four main political parties will square off in a live televised broadcast from CBC's Winnipeg studio tonight.

Canola farmers praise Pallister's promise to increase minimum biofuel content in diesel

A win by the Progressive Conservatives in the Manitoba election on Sept. 10 would lead to cleaner fuel to reduce emissions, the party leader says.

NDP vows to offer $350 Hydro rebate for every residence

An NDP government would slash every Hydro bill by hundreds of dollars in the hopes that some Manitobans will spend their rebate on green initiatives instead.

Manitoba PCs promise bachelor of midwifery, expanded treatment for eating disorders if elected

The Progressive Conservatives promise shorter waits for treatment of eating disorders and would create a four-year program to educate midwives if re-elected, the party announced Sunday.

Kinew berates Pallister's 5 months in Costa Rica during 1st term as Manitoba premier

Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew took a swing at Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister on Sunday, accusing him of spending too much time at his vacation home in Costa Rica.

6 Manitoba candidates disclose criminal convictions, with 2 days before the deadline

Six candidates vying for seats in the Manitoba Legislature have disclosed past convictions, according to Elections Manitoba's website, two days before the deadline for disclosure forms required by new provincial law.

Manitoba PCs promise greater protection for women against domestic, sexual violence

The Progressive Conservatives, if re-elected as Manitoba's government, promised on Saturday to provide additional supports for victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

Why a slowing Manitoba economy matters to the PCs and leader Brian Pallister

Will slower growth allow a second Tory government — or any Manitoba government — to balance the provincial books some time over the next four years?

Union says Manitoba Tories' claim of excess spending is false

Manitoba Progressive Conservatives are accusing a union of breaking the spending limits for third parties in the provincial election, but the union says the accusation is false.

Manitoba New Democrats promise money to upgrade Winnipeg sewage plant

The City of Winnipeg could get help upgrading its main sewage treatment plant if the NDP wins the Manitoba election.

Pallister promises more flexibility in grocery store hours

Manitoba Progressive Conservatives promise they'll allow grocery stores to be open on Sundays and statutory holidays if they are re-elected in September.

Manitoba Liberals seek to reunite immigrant families, remove $500 'head tax'

The Liberal Party of Manitoba announced Thursday it would remove a $500 fee for new immigrants and create a specific stream focused on family reunification as part of the provincial nominee program, if elected.

Daughter of federal politician loses court battle to run in Manitoba election

Hannah Mihychuk Marshall, daughter of Liberal member of Parliament Maryann Mihychuk, has lost a bid to run in the upcoming Manitoba election because she has been living outside the province to attend university.

Manitoba Tory election platform includes tackling meth crisis

Manitoba Progressive Conservatives plan to create 12 new treatment and waiting spaces for people addicted to methamphetamines if the party is re-elected next month.

Free tampons and pads for students in Manitoba: NDP election promise

Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew says he wants to undo the harm that the current government's cuts to health care have done to women.

Conference Board slashes Manitoba's 2019 economic growth projection ahead of election

The Conference Board of Canada has slashed its economic-growth forecast for the province by two thirds and is now predicting real GDP growth of 0.5 per cent this year in place of an earlier prediction of 1.6 per cent growth for 2019.

Manitoba's first openly gay PC candidate hopes to inspire youth

Megan Hoskins, who is running in the riding of St. Boniface, is the first openly LGBTQ person to run for the Progressive Conservatives in a Manitoba election.

Election fact-checker: Does the NDP jobs promise hold up?

As part of an ongoing effort to hold political leaders accountable, CBC News is fact-checking comments and promises made by party leaders at various times along the campaign trail.

Deadline to register for Manitoba provincial election is Thursday

Elections Manitoba says you can still cast your ballot on the day without registering if you have ID and take an oath.

Manitoba votes 2019: Steinbach riding profile

Read CBC Manitoba's profile on the riding of Steinbach.