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Winnipeg could lead the next industrial revolution — but we need the vision our leadership lacks: Glen Murray

Winnipeg's latest civic election needed to deliver a council that can take us back to the future, says former city mayor Glen Murray. Instead, a lackluster election offered tired arguments about, pipes, potholes, policing and taxes occupied the debate, while the big issues were ignored, he says.

Diverse Winnipeg city council gives children role models: community leader

With the election of several new faces to Winnipeg city council, the diversity of decision makers at city hall has expanded beyond what we have seen in recent years.

Once the possibility of opening Portage and Main became real, support for the idea plummeted

The geographic divide over Portage and Main is deep and powerful — and if those who want a more walkable, livable, connected downtown in Winnipeg are to bridge this urban-suburban chasm, the debate offers key lessons on how challenging it will be.

The mayor who promised little has 4 more years to do it

It's no surprise Brian Bowman chose to promise little in the way of substance in a re-election campaign that started late, ended early and offered Winnipeggers very little indication of what he wants to do over the next four years.

42% voter turnout lowest for Winnipeg since 2006 election

Winnipeggers chose a mayor and to voted keep the city's most iconic intersection closed on Wednesday, but fewer than half of those eligible actually headed to polls to have their say.

Markus Chambers celebrates win in St. Norbert-Seine River

Chambers will represent the new ward at Winnipeg city hall following his Oct. 24 election win.

Thompson voters elect city's 1st female mayor; upsets in Teulon, The Pas

Voters in Thompson elected their first female mayor Wednesday night, while the mayors of The Pas and Teulon were unseated.

Brandon voters elect new councillors in 2 wards

A mix of new and returning councillors will represent Brandon’s wards for the next four years.

Sherri Rollins wins Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry in 7-way race to replace Jenny Gerbasi

It was a wide-open race in Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry, with longtime incumbent Jenny Gerbasi announcing in March that she would not seek re-election.

Markus Chambers makes history with victory in new St. Norbert-Seine River ward

Markus Chambers will become councillor in Winnipeg's new St. Norbert-Seine River ward.

Shawn Nason breaks through 8-candidate race to win Transcona

Shawn Nason will be the new councillor in Winnipeg's Transcona ward at the end of a crowded eight-way race.

Former newspaper publisher Kevin Klein elected in Charleswood-Tuxedo

Kevin Klein will be the new councillor in Charleswood-Tuxedo, defeating Grant Nordman, Kevin Nichols and Ken St. George in Wednesday night's Winnipeg civic election.

'Would have been a step backwards': Winnipeggers vote to keep Portage and Main closed

Vote Open proponents say they're disappointed but not giving up after 65 per cent of voters say "no" to reopening the iconic intersection to pedestrians.

5 new faces, 10 incumbents will sit as councillors in Winnipeg

Here are all the fresh faces and returning councillors who will make up your new city council.

Brian Bowman touts 'positive vision over division' after re-election as Winnipeg mayor

Brian Bowman has won a second term as Winnipeg's mayor, defeating seven challengers, including his closest competitor, business consultant Jenny Motkaluk.
Live Blog

RECAP: Winnipeg's 2018 civic election

See how Winnipeg's 2018 civic election night unfolded Wednesday with minute-by-minute updates.

Here's how to watch Winnipeg election results on CBC Manitoba tonight

Winnipeggers wanting up-to-the-minute coverage of the results of the 2018 civic election can turn to CBC Manitoba.

Polls closed, votes being tallied on election day in Winnipeg

Winnipeggers have cast their ballots for the city’s next mayor, city councillors and school trustees and voted in a plebiscite on whether to reopen Portage and Main to pedestrians.

Wards to watch in Wednesday's civic election

Winnipeg's city council is going to look a whole lot different after the civic election, regardless of who wins on Wednesday.

Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk promises Winnipeg Transit fare freeze

Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk promises she'll freeze Winnipeg Transit fares for the next four years.

Council candidate's tweet from Osborne BIZ account raises eyebrows in the Village

City council candidate Stephanie Meilleur used the Osborne Village BIZ Twitter account to promote her run to represent Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry but says she did it by accident.

Winnipeg can do more to fight poverty, Point Douglas candidates say

From cutting red tape to making transit free, Point Douglas council candidates promise to help residents in a ward that's home to one of Winnipeg's poorest areas.

Stupid questions for smart candidates: 2018 Winnipeg mayoral race edition

It's time to subject the two most popular Winnipeg mayoral candidates to a series of pop-culture and lifestyle questions — not to test their knowledge, but as a means of revealing their personalities.

10 things to know before Winnipeg votes

Given the reality some Winnipeggers have not been paying attention to the election, here's a little primer on your options on Wednesday, when you may select your choice of mayor, city councillor and school trustee — and mark a "yes" or "no" in the Portage and Main plebiscite.

Winnipeg sees record-setting advance voter turnout

If advance voting numbers are any indication, Winnipeggers have taken a big interest in the 2018 civic election.

1 more day for advance voting in Winnipeg

If you want to beat the lines on election day in Winnipeg, Friday is your last day to vote in advance.

Fear and loathing at city hall: Fact-checking Bowman's claims about old-school politics

Brian Bowman has attempted to portray Jenny Motkaluk as the second coming of Sam Katz. She has proven vulnerable to these attacks, partly because of happenstance and partly because of her own actions.

Insider or outsider? Incumbents give St. James voters starkly different choices

St. James voters have a choice between two incumbents, one a close ally to Brian Bowman, the other a vocal opponent of the mayor, when they mark their ballots Wednesday.

Tracking who they're backing: A guide to candidate allegiances, endorsements in Winnipeg's election

No fewer than 15 city council candidates are either supported by labour entities or are backing mayoral candidates. Here's where their allegiances lie.

Motkaluk joins Bowman in pledging to freeze frontage levies

Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk is pledging to freeze frontage-levy rates if elected mayor.

Janice Lukes joins 3 other incumbents endorsing Jenny Motkaluk as Winnipeg mayor

Waverley West councillor-elect Janice Lukes said Tuesday she is backing Jenny Motkaluk's effort to unseat incumbent Brian Bowman.

Motkaluk pledges to freeze Winnipeg water and sewer rates until audit is done

Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk is promising to freeze Winnipeg water-and-sewer rates until the city conducts an audit of the way it spends money on wastewater upgrades.

Greying hair isn't the only change in candidate Brian Bowman

There is a marked difference between the political neophyte who campaigned for mayor in the wide-open race to succeed Sam Katz and the incumbent politician who's striving to hold on to his job.

Brian Bowman promises to create youth council at city hall if re-elected

Brian Bowman says he'll establish a new committee to ensure Winnipeg's youth are heard if he's re-elected mayor.

'People have said that I'm angry.… The truth of the matter is I am': Jenny Motkaluk on her mayoral run

She knew poverty as a child. She now lives off Wellington Crescent. Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk relates her life story, her motivation to run and the disjunction between her private self and public persona.

Ross Eadie endorses Jenny Motkaluk's mayoral run

Ross Eadie is the third member of city council's unofficial opposition to endorse Jenny Motkaluk's campaign for mayor.

Building Kenaston up instead of out, more town halls among proposals from Charleswood-Tuxedo candidates

From double-decking Kenaston Boulevard to increasing communication with residents, candidates running in Charleswood-Tuxedo differ on their approaches to taming traffic on Route 90.

'We haven't been given what we were promised': Voters say Waverley West lacks community amenities

Winnipeg's newest electoral ward is booming with young families — but some voters in Waverley West say it lacks community amenities and recreation services.

With 8 candidates running in Transcona, voter worries crowded race 'becomes almost a chatter'

There are eight candidates running for Transcona's wide-open council seat, after long-time councillor Russ Wyatt decided not to run for re-election.

These 2 Winnipeg newcomers have never voted in a civic election — until now

When Nour Ali votes for mayor in Winnipeg's upcoming election, it will be the first time in his life he's ever cast a ballot — and the first time he's had the opportunity to participate in a democracy he feels a part of.

Bowman promises to create list of business rules to improve or eliminate

Mayoral candidate Brian Bowman wants to create a list of city bylaws and regulations council could update or eliminate to improve business in Winnipeg.

Winnipeggers flocking to advance polls, election official says

Winnipeggers are flocking to advance polls in greater numbers than they did during the 2014 election.

Rival accuses Bowman of pandering to firefighter union by attending Colorado memorial

A candidate for mayor of Winnipeg questioned whether a recent trip Brian Bowman made to Colorado — to attend a memorial for fallen firefighters in North America — was paid for by the Winnipeg firefighters union and if Bowman is in the pocket of union interests.

Motkaluk promises 1.16% property tax hike, plan to change the way Winnipeg collects revenue

Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk is promising to change the way Winnipeg assesses residential properties as part of a pledge to cap property tax increases at 1.16 per cent a year.

Motkaluk promises to replace 'decrepit' Louise Bridge right away, if elected

Jenny Motkaluk has promised to make replacing the aging Louise Bridge a Winnipeg infrastructure priority if she's elected mayor later this month.

In River Heights-Fort Garry, a former councillor with a colourful past tries to wander out from the wilderness

River Heights-Fort Garry is the only Winnipeg ward where the election contenders include both a current and former councillor, each of them possessing nine years of experience at city hall.

Bowman poised to win the re-election battle but lose the war for control of Winnipeg city council

Winnipeg is a single city council seat away from depriving Brian Bowman of the votes he needs to continue exercising control over council, should he do what polls suggest he's about to do and win a second term.

'They can make a change': Newcomers get chance to grill mayoral hopefuls

Newcomers to Winnipeg got a chance Saturday to ask questions of mayoral candidates in what’s being billed as a first-of-its-kind forum for the city.

St. Vital voters say they're concerned about meth use, public safety — and dog-friendly spaces

Voters looking at the new St. Vital ward map will see some major changes since Winnipeg's last civic election in 2014.

Bowman promises working group to revisit 24/7 road construction, improve communication around projects

Brian Bowman pledged Friday to create a construction industry working group that, among other things, would advise the City of Winnipeg on the possibility of bringing 24/7 construction to roadwork if he's re-elected on Oct. 24.

Mayoral candidate reveals he's homeless, another questioned about arrest

A mayoral candidates' debate in Winnipeg saw a few unexpected turns Thursday, including one candidate revealing he is homeless and another encouraging the crowd to applaud a rival on the basis of her gender.

Bowman still leads Motkaluk 2-1 as election grows near, poll suggests

Incumbent mayor Brian Bowman continues to enjoy a two-to-one lead over challenger Jenny Motkaluk in the Winnipeg mayoral race, a new poll suggests.

Motkaluk promises Winnipeg police task force 'to catch the bad guys' selling meth

Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk promised Thursday to direct the Winnipeg Police Service to create a methamphetamine task force aimed at removing as much of the chemical as possible from the streets.

Pharmacist fined for professional misconduct challenges incumbent in Old Kildonan race

One of three candidates running to represent Old Kildonan at city hall says he has a shot at unseating the incumbent despite a history of professional misconduct as a pharmacist.

Winnipeg mayoral candidate Venkat Machiraju arrested for violating protection order, manager says

One of Winnipeg's eight mayoral candidates was arrested this week for violating the terms of a protection order.

Motkaluk pledges to run council more collaboratively, says Bowman's city hall is close to 'autocracy'

Winnipeg mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk accused incumbent Brian Bowman of running a city council that is "perilously close" to an "autocracy" and vowed to instill a more collaborative style of governance if she's elected mayor in three weeks.

Mayoral candidate Diack pledges to send policing bills to criminals

Three out of Winnipeg's eight mayoral candidates made pledges Tuesday.

Winnipeg suburbs want better bus service, candidates hear

All five candidates running in the new ward of St. Norbert-Seine River — an area where public transit is sparse outside commuting hours — are running on platforms to improve bus service.

Isolated in Winnipeg's south end: St. Norbert-Seine River voters say they need better transit service

Winnipeg's southernmost electoral ward has a new name and new boundaries this year — and will also see a new city councillor after the Oct. 24 election.

Bowman pledges to put off transit garage repairs and use cash for new bus shelters

Brian Bowman wants to put off bus-garage upgrades and spend the money on new bus shelters instead.

Proposed addictions recovery centre becomes a hot election topic in St. James

Candidate Shawn Dobson has been a vocal critic of the land sale that would replace Vimy Arena with the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre, while candidates Scott Gillingham and Kurt Morton have both expressed support for the addictions treatment facility.

Norwood Pool's future an issue in St. Boniface, but otherwise 'not too much action' in ward, voter says

Heading into the 2018 civic election, Winnipeg's St. Boniface ward faces its own challenges, from bike thefts to a proposed community pool closing — but less than a month away from the Oct. 24 election, some residents said have little interest in their candidates' campaigns.

Traffic troubles may 'seem like a micro-issue,' but are serious safety concern: River Heights-Fort Garry voter

The River Heights-Fort Garry ward, located in southwest Winnipeg, and is full of character and history, with century-old homes and successful local businesses along Academy Road and Grosvenor Avenue. It also faces challenges —​ vehicle break-ins and vandalism have been an issue in the area for years.

Point Douglas residents say they want to see more density, think opening Portage and Main might help

Winnipeg's Point Douglas ward is home to what is almost certainly the most contentious intersection in the city. Along with voting for mayor and city councillors on Oct. 24, Winnipeggers will also vote on the question of whether to reopen the intersection of Portage Avenue and Main Street to pedestrian traffic.

Calming traffic woes in rapidly growing ward a priority for Old Kildonan voters

Traffic issues are one of the concerns highlighted by voters in the Old Kildonan ward ahead of the Oct. 24 Winnipeg civic election, in which three candidates are seeking the Old Kildonan seat: Bradley Gross, Devi Sharma and Kaur Sidhu.

North Kildonan voters say they want the city to fix 'embarrassing' road conditions

Voters in North Kildonan say rough roads are among their top concerns ahead of the Oct. 24 civic election.

'The North End is kinda forgotten': Mynarski residents want city to tackle bedbug problems, meth use

Mynarski residents in want to know what the four candidates running for the Winnipeg ward's city council seat would do about the ongoing problem of bedbugs in rental properties.

Is crime in Winnipeg really getting worse?

Crime is the most prevalent voter concern in this election campaign. CBC News takes a big-picture look at the numbers behind that concern - and how Winnipeg might respond.

'I hate to see it disappear': Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry residents say vacancies, crime among top concerns

Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry will elect a new councillor for the first time in 20 years on Oct. 24 — and that person will have to deal with a number of issues in the Winnipeg ward, residents say.

Saving the elms in Elmwood-East Kildonan: Residents in ward want action on invasive beetles, potholes

People in Winnipeg's Elmwood-East Kildonan are worried about how the city is responding to the invasive emerald ash borer, along with concerns they share with other wards about issues like road maintenance and safety.

'It's just expected around here': Daniel McIntyre voters say they're worried about crime, safety

Some voters in Winnipeg's Daniel McIntyre ward say safety is a top issue in the 2018 election.

'What is happening at Wilkes Avenue?' Sterling Lyon Parkway extension a concern for Charleswood-Tuxedo voters

Charleswood-Tuxedo will have a new councillor this year, as Marty Morantz seeks the federal Conservative nomination in Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley. That leaves the door open for four candidates vying for the council seat.
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Mayoral promises: What the candidates are offering Winnipeg voters

Here's what Winnipeg's eight candidates for mayor have promised to date.

Bowman challenges other mayoral candidates to reveal property tax plans, says road repairs at stake

Brian Bowman challenged his rivals to state what they intend to do with property taxes over the next four years, saying freezes or cuts would threaten Winnipeg road renewals.

Mayoral candidate proposes 'negative toll bridge' to pay people to visit North End

Winnipeg mayoral candidate Ed Ackerman says the city should spend $400 million to pay motorists $10 a trip to cross into the North End, provided they spend that money in the area.

Supervised injection site not a political issue for Winnipeg, 'it's a health issue': Main Street Project ED

The question of whether a supervised injection should be opened to address the city's drug problem has come up in Winnipeg's mayoral race, but one advocate for the sites says they shouldn't be a political issue.

Bike lanes win support at mayoral debate on Winnipeg urbanism and design

Winnipeggers need more ways to get around the city on foot and on bikes, seven mayoral candidates agreed during a debate on urbanism and design.

Analysis: Digging into 3 claims made at Winnipeg's 3rd mayoral debate

Fact-checking Bowman and Motkaluk claims from Winnipeg's third mayoral debate.

Bowman hints Winnipeg could pursue safe-injection sites without provincial approval

Incumbent mayoral candidate Brian Bowman suggested Winnipeg could pursue a safe-injection site even if the province doesn't approve.

Mayoral candidate Motkaluk pledges to improve 'screwed-up' 311 service

Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk has promised to improve Winnipeg's 311 service by directing some calls directly to city departments during regular business hours.

Battle for Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry draws diverse cast of candidates

After two decades of representation by a single councillor, seven candidates, including a city planner, a yoga educator, a school board chair and the head of a business improvement zone, are running in Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry.
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Mayoral candidate Motkaluk talks crime, criticizes incumbent at campaign rally

Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk spoke about public safety and criticized Winnipeg's image-conscious incumbent at a Monday-night campaign rally intended to motivate her supporters.

1 in 5 Winnipeg council candidates don't live where they're running

Eleven out of 52 Winnipeg council candidates who will appear on the ballot on Oct. 24 do not live in the wards where they are running.

No-name nomination papers for Bowman, familiar figures back Motkaluk in Winnipeg mayoral race

The nomination documents submitted by Brian Bowman and Jenny Motkaluk paint pictures of two entirely different networks of support. And it's unclear whether this is by happenstance or design.

Brian Bowman pledges to create human rights committee by consolidating 3 others, welcome newcomers

Incumbent mayoral candidate Brian Bowman made two promises on Friday that he characterized as potential improvements to human rights in the city.

A Winnipeg election guide: Where to cast your ballot, what to bring and who you can vote for

Winnipeg residents head to the polls Wednesday to vote for their mayor, city councillors and school trustees — as well as on a contentious question about the city's most famous intersection. Here's what you need to know before you vote.

Man convicted of firearm offence running for city council in Transcona

A man charged with two counts of attempting to traffic guns to an undercover police agent four years ago is running to represent Transcona at city hall this October.

Chamber of Commerce cancels Winnipeg mayoral debate

Incumbent Brian Bowman's insistence on only attending mayoral debates where all candidates are invited has led the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce to cancel its debate this fall.

True North Square deal now includes grant for affordable housing

Winnipeg's latest deal to finance True North Square will require the developers to help build market-rate rental housing elsewhere in the city.

Winnipeg votes 2018: Charleswood-Tuxedo ward profile

Charleswood-Tuxedo will have a new councillor this year, as Marty Morantz seeks the federal Conservative nomination in Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley. That leaves the door open for four candidates vying for the council seat.

Winnipeg votes 2018: Daniel McIntyre ward profile

Winnipeggers go to the polls on Oct. 24.

Winnipeg votes 2018: Elmwood-East Kildonan ward profile

Robb Massey and Jason Schreyer are running for the Elmwood-East Kildonan council seat in Winnipeg's 2018 civic election.

Winnipeg votes 2018: Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry ward profile

For the first time in 20 years, Winnipeg's Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry ward will have a new city councillor after Oct. 24.

Winnipeg votes 2018: Mynarski ward profile

Four candidates running for election in the newly expanded Mynarski ward in 2018.

Winnipeg votes 2018: North Kildonan ward profile

Winnipeggers go to the polls on Oct. 24.

Winnipeg votes 2018: Old Kildonan ward profile

Three candidates are running for the Old Kildonan council seat in Winnipeg's 2018 civic election.

Winnipeg votes 2018: Point Douglas ward profile

Three candidates are running to replace Mike Pagtakhan in the Point Douglas riding.

Winnipeg votes 2018: River Heights-Fort Garry ward profile

The River Heights-Fort Garry ward, located in southwest Winnipeg, and is full of character and history, with century-old homes and successful local businesses along Academy Road and Grosvenor Avenue. It also faces challenges —​ vehicle break-ins and vandalism have been an issue in the area for years.

Winnipeg votes 2018: St. Boniface ward profile

Winnipeggers go to the polls on Oct. 24.

Winnipeg votes 2018: St. James ward profile

In an unusual situation, three candidates — including two current city councillors — are running for the St. James council seat in Winnipeg's 2018 civic election.