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Winnipeg could lead the next industrial revolution — but we need the vision our leadership lacks: Glen Murray

Winnipeg's latest civic election needed to deliver a council that can take us back to the future, says former city mayor Glen Murray. Instead, a lackluster election offered tired arguments about, pipes, potholes, policing and taxes occupied the debate, while the big issues were ignored, he says.

Diverse Winnipeg city council gives children role models: community leader

With the election of several new faces to Winnipeg city council, the diversity of decision makers at city hall has expanded beyond what we have seen in recent years.

Once the possibility of opening Portage and Main became real, support for the idea plummeted

The geographic divide over Portage and Main is deep and powerful — and if those who want a more walkable, livable, connected downtown in Winnipeg are to bridge this urban-suburban chasm, the debate offers key lessons on how challenging it will be.

Thompson voters elect city's 1st female mayor; upsets in Teulon, The Pas

Voters in Thompson elected their first female mayor Wednesday night, while the mayors of The Pas and Teulon were unseated.

The mayor who promised little has 4 more years to do it

It's no surprise Brian Bowman chose to promise little in the way of substance in a re-election campaign that started late, ended early and offered Winnipeggers very little indication of what he wants to do over the next four years.

'Would have been a step backwards': Winnipeggers vote to keep Portage and Main closed

Vote Open proponents say they're disappointed but not giving up after 65 per cent of voters say "no" to reopening the iconic intersection to pedestrians.

Markus Chambers makes history with victory in new St. Norbert-Seine River ward

Markus Chambers will become councillor in Winnipeg's new St. Norbert-Seine River ward.

Brian Bowman touts 'positive vision over division' after re-election as Winnipeg mayor

Brian Bowman has won a second term as Winnipeg's mayor, defeating seven challengers, including his closest competitor, business consultant Jenny Motkaluk.

42% voter turnout lowest for Winnipeg since 2006 election

Winnipeggers chose a mayor and to voted keep the city's most iconic intersection closed on Wednesday, but fewer than half of those eligible actually headed to polls to have their say.
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RECAP: Winnipeg's 2018 civic election

See how Winnipeg's 2018 civic election night unfolded Wednesday with minute-by-minute updates.

Shawn Nason breaks through 8-candidate race to win Transcona

Shawn Nason will be the new councillor in Winnipeg's Transcona ward at the end of a crowded eight-way race.

Sherri Rollins wins Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry in 7-way race to replace Jenny Gerbasi

It was a wide-open race in Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry, with longtime incumbent Jenny Gerbasi announcing in March that she would not seek re-election.

Brandon voters elect new councillors in 2 wards

A mix of new and returning councillors will represent Brandon’s wards for the next four years.



Markus Chambers celebrates win in St. Norbert-Seine River

Chambers will represent the new ward at Winnipeg city hall following his Oct. 24 election win.

Former newspaper publisher Kevin Klein elected in Charleswood-Tuxedo

Kevin Klein will be the new councillor in Charleswood-Tuxedo, defeating Grant Nordman, Kevin Nichols and Ken St. George in Wednesday night's Winnipeg civic election.

5 new faces, 10 incumbents will sit as councillors in Winnipeg

Here are all the fresh faces and returning councillors who will make up your new city council.

Polls closed, votes being tallied on election day in Winnipeg

Winnipeggers have cast their ballots for the city’s next mayor, city councillors and school trustees and voted in a plebiscite on whether to reopen Portage and Main to pedestrians.

Here's how to watch Winnipeg election results on CBC Manitoba tonight

Winnipeggers wanting up-to-the-minute coverage of the results of the 2018 civic election can turn to CBC Manitoba.

A Winnipeg election guide: Where to cast your ballot, what to bring and who you can vote for

Winnipeg residents head to the polls Wednesday to vote for their mayor, city councillors and school trustees — as well as on a contentious question about the city's most famous intersection. Here's what you need to know before you vote.
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Mayoral promises: What the candidates are offering Winnipeg voters

Here's what Winnipeg's eight candidates for mayor have promised to date.

Wards to watch in Wednesday's civic election

Winnipeg's city council is going to look a whole lot different after the civic election, regardless of who wins on Wednesday.

Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk promises Winnipeg Transit fare freeze

Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk promises she'll freeze Winnipeg Transit fares for the next four years.

Council candidate's tweet from Osborne BIZ account raises eyebrows in the Village

City council candidate Stephanie Meilleur used the Osborne Village BIZ Twitter account to promote her run to represent Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry but says she did it by accident.

Winnipeg can do more to fight poverty, Point Douglas candidates say

From cutting red tape to making transit free, Point Douglas council candidates promise to help residents in a ward that's home to one of Winnipeg's poorest areas.

Stupid questions for smart candidates: 2018 Winnipeg mayoral race edition

It's time to subject the two most popular Winnipeg mayoral candidates to a series of pop-culture and lifestyle questions — not to test their knowledge, but as a means of revealing their personalities.