Top Manitoba music releases for 2013 on SCENE

SCENE on Air plays some of the top music releases for 2013, Saturday at 5 on CBC Radio One.
Marti Sarbit from Imaginary Cities in Bells of Cologne video. (Courtesy artist website)

It's been a busy, productive year for Manitoba musicians. There were countless new releases by local artists.

SCENE asked our radio listeners to tell us which new albums in 2013 stood out for them.

So to compliment the radio show, here are some of the videos that came out of those albums.

The Bros. Landreth received a lot of accolades, from listeners to colleagues to fellow musicians. They put out their nine track Let it Lie cd in September. Mike Latshcislaw was behind the camera in their video for Tappin' on the Glass.

Sweet Alibi received a lot of positive attention for their album We've Got To. That album title actually had to do with whether or not they were going to record the album.They decided they had to, and I'll Wait from that album has been on the CBC Radio 2 top 20 list since the first of November.

In June, Federal Lights released their cd We Were Found in the Fog.

According to Jean-Guy Roy,  the song Sharks on that album has to do with being surrounded by deadly creatures in your life. "Being able to stay true to yourself and not be consumed by them or join them - you just have to be yourself," he explained. "You have to stay strong and that's one of the biggest things I struggle with in my life, is to remember who I am in situations that get a little bit grey."

At the end of October, Greg MacPherson released his Fireball cd. One of the songs is called Forcefield and MacPherson wrote it when he was on tour in Northern Alberta. "I came up with all these lyrics. I came back to town and I wrote the music immediately. It's kind of a relationship song," he admitted. "The lyrics state 'We should get a place in the country, call up the neighbours and put a pig in the ground. Or better yet, maybe you don't kill anything.'" 

The video was filmed on a phone.

Ruth Moody has had a very busy year. Her latest recording is called These Wilder Things. She released it in April, just before she opened for Mark Knopfler at Royal Albert Hall in London.

She and her band played throughout the UK and Ireland after that. When she got back she went to Alaska with the Wailin' Jennys. Then she was off to Europe to promote her new cd.

In November she released a video for one of the songs on the disc - Dancing in the Dark.

Royal Canoe released their Today We're Believers album in the summer. According to band members Matt Schellenberg and Bucky Driedger, one of the constants in their musical journey as been the city of Winnipeg. 

"In many ways, Winnipeg is an awful place," explained Bucky Driedger. "There's a lot of big box stores, urban sprawl, a forgotten downtown....but then there's this whole group of people that have decided to stay here and make it better. From great coffee shops popping up and these great new ideas. We're committed to making Winnipeg a better place and writing music about what a great place it is."

In May, Imaginary Cities released their Fall of Romance cd. 

As lead singer Marti Sarbit told us, Rusty Matyas in the band had been on tour with the Weakerthans when he heard some amazing bells ringing in Cologne, Germany. "All of a sudden all these bells from all the churches around started ringing," she recounted. "He wanted to capture it so he recorded it on his Iphone."

Apparently, Matyas came back to Winnipeg and told Sarbit that they needed to write a song about his experience. The result was Bells of Cologne.

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