Top 5 things to do in Winnipeg this weekend (Feb. 20-22)

You can stuff yourself at a new sandwich shop on Broadway, check out art by some incredibly talented people at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Tallest Poppy, and you can even hear some Simon and Garfunkel at the symphony.

A Spell to Bring Lost Creatures Home at the WAG, sandwiches at Nick’s on Broadway and more art!

Tallest Poppy invites artists in for 2-day residencies

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Synonym Art Consultation's Andrew Eastman talks about their artist residency collaboration with the Tallest Poppy and Friday's launch party. 1:44

This is a good weekend for art and food. You can stuff yourself at a new sandwich shop on Broadway, check out art by some incredibly talented people at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Tallest Poppy, and you can even hear some Simon and Garfunkel at the symphony.

If you have some money and want to support some Winnipeggers who make stuff, you can check out this month's Traders Post.

Oh, and it’s going to be bitterly cold, so dress really warm and find someone to hang out with so you don’t catch a crazy case of the Winnipeg-winters-are-way-too-long blues.

WHAT: FUN – Tallest Poppy art party

When: Friday, Feb. 20 at 8 p.m.

Where: The Tallest Poppy at 103 Sherbrook St.

Cost: $5

Tallest Poppy has started doing this lovely thing with Synonym Art Consultation where they do a short two-day artist residency in their delightful space on Sherbrook.

Basically, for one weekend a month, the Poppy becomes a studio for an artist where they can make art and talk about it with people who stop by.

This Friday, they’re having a launch party to celebrate all that with their January and February residents (one of them paints on table tops so keep your eyes open for that).

There will be music and food and art. Also lovely people and drinks.

Go have fun.

WHAT: ART – Spell to Bring Lost Creatures Home at the WAG

When: Saturday, Feb. 21 at 8 p.m.

Where: Winnipeg Art Gallery at 300 Memorial Blvd.

Cost: $25

If you don’t already have tickets to this, you’re going to need to get on it.

Christine Fellows and Shary Boyle are bringing their amazing collaboration to the Winnipeg Art Gallery Saturday night.
This is one of the beautiful projections from Spell to Bring Lost Creatures at the WAG Saturday night. Let's go! (Spell to Bring Lost Creatures Home)

Spell to Bring Lost Creatures Home combines music and projected images to tell a bunch of stories.

The pair have been touring around Canada with the show, and they were supposed to be at the WAG in November, but it got postponed.

Lucky for us, the rain date is this weekend.

WHAT: FOOD – Nick’s on Broadway

When: Saturday, Feb. 21 from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Where: Nick’s at 287 Broadway

Cost: About $10 per sandwich

Paul Simon fanatics need to head to the Centennial this weekend for a Simon and Garfunkel tribute by the WSO.
This brand new sandwich shop is opening up on weekends, and I think you should head there for a bite!

Nick’s has everything from breakfast bowls to beef dip sandwiches, and everything is fairly affordable.

They also roast their own meat, use a lot of local ingredients and even make their own jam.

So head down to Broadway and Smith before it closes Saturday and get some foods! It’ll be fun.

Oh, and did I mention they have a thing called Eggs Bannatyne? Because they do, and I think that’s perfect.

WHAT: MUSIC – WSO does Simon and Garfunkel

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Where: Centennial Concert Hall at 555 Main St.

Cost: $25 to $94 a ticket

Two of my favourite things in the whole world are colliding this weekend – The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra is going to play stuff that Paul Simon wrote! Yes!
I think you should try the pulled pork sandwich at Nick's. I mean, just look at this sandwich. (Nick's on Broadway)

They’re doing a whole weekend of Simon and Garfunkel tracks, and they’re bringing in AJ Swearingen and Jonathan Beedle to do the singing parts.

I’m going to recommend the Sunday afternoon show because it seems like a great time to put on something cozy, chill out for a few hours and then head out for an early beer or two at Yellow Dog.

And if you’re wondering, they are of course playing Sounds of Silence.

WHAT: MARKET – Good Will Traders Post

When: Sunday, Feb. 22 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: The Good Will at 625 Portage Ave.

Cost: Depends what you buy

The Good Will is doing something a little different this weekend and opening up their doors to a bunch of local artists and artisans.

They’re hosting a little market with a ton of stuff from local people who create things.

There will be clothes and art and stuff for your house as well as vintage finds and ceramics and just tons of things to see.

Oh and there will be music and tarot card readings. Fun!


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