Top 5 things to do in (and near) Winnipeg this weekend (Oct. 17-19)

From 50 cent wine tastings at The Forks to a zombie dance party in the Village, Winnipeg has it all this weekend.

Dancing zombies, 50 cent wine samples and fall suppers in rural Manitoba top the list

That could be you! She has bangs and lives in Athens, but there are 50 cent wine tastings at The Forks this weekend! (John Kolesidis/Reuters)

From 50 cent wine tastings at The Forks to a zombie dance party in the Village, Winnipeg (and a few nearby towns) pretty much has everything you could want this weekend.

Some of my recommendations might make you do a confused nose-wrinkle at first, but I promise there are good reasons I'm telling you guys to go check out a craft show by the Perimeter and eat perogies in a small town.

Trust me and stay warm!

My only advice is not to get carried away this weekend. You have to save your strength for Chromeo at the Garrick on Monday.

WHAT: DRINKS — International Wine Festival at the Forks

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Where: The Forks at 105 Waterfront Dr.

Cost: FREE (plus 50 cents per tasting)

If you want to feel fancy for almost no money this weekend (while raising money for a good cause), have I got the event for you!

Wine fest is taking over The Forks this weekend, and you can, for FREE, peruse some pretty insane collections. Oh and for 50 cents you can try any of the wines!

I have no idea how this festival continues to be so awesome and not raise their prices every year — but they do.

Did I mention they donate all their proceeds to Winnipeg Harvest?

Go sip wine for a good cause! Oh and sample gourmet cheeses. Because that's an awesome thing that also happens there.

It is incredibly hard to pick a best part for this event — but it could be that the festival president makes a point to invite people who know nothing about wine to go and not be embarrassed to ask questions or intimidated by the whole wine world.

It's open from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday night and 12 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday!

WHAT: MUSIC —​ Mise en Scene at The Park

When: Saturday, Oct. 18 at 8 p.m.

Where: The Park Theatre at 698 Osborne St.

Cost: $15

The Park Theatre is quickly becoming the go-to venue for actual, great local music just about every weekend.
Mise en Scene is headlining a show at the Park Theatre on Saturday! (Joey Senft/Facebook)

This weekend it's the femme duo Mise en Scene with sets by Rah Rah and The Darcys.

If you haven't had a listen to Mise en Scene before, check 'em out here.

They have a kind of HAIM meets Tegan and Sara meets Karen O kind of sound. So you can imagine how awesome and danceable it is.

Go, have drinks, be merry and for goodness sake don't stand there at the back swaying back in forth slightly. Walk up to the front and dance!

WHAT: SHOPPING — Scattered Seeds

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Where: Red River Exhibition Place at 3977 Portage Ave.

Cost: $7

This is not your mom's craft show.

If your childhood memories are anything like mine, being dragged to craft shows was the most cruel and unusual form of torture.

There were no toys, no other kids, barely any cool snacks and you had to be good the entire time just to get one of those hard candy sticks they sold at the only food booth at the front.

But guess what? It's not like that any more! Or at least, now that we're adults it seems way cooler.

There are a ton of amazing local artists who set up shop here — everything from really rad jewellery from local designers to ceramics from some seriously talented local artists will be on display. It's like an indoor St. Norbert Farmers' Market with a little less food.

And now that you finally have a place to put cool stuff in — why not go?

I admit the $7 just to get in is kind of tough to stomach on a budget, but you're really supporting a bunch of local artists and that's always a nice feeling.

Oh, and for some reason there's a $1 off coupon on their website. So it's only $6 if you have a printer.

WHAT: DRESS-UP — Zombie Dance Party

When: Saturday, Oct. 18

Where: Ozzy's at 160 Osborne St. South

Cost: $5 before 11 p.m., $10 after (Or a non-perishable food item for Winnipeg Harvest)

It's back that night in Osborne where hundreds of gyrating zombies congregate in a basement bar and dance to DJs.
Show off your sweet zombie movies at Ozzy's this weekend like this lady did in Los Angeles. (Phil McCarten/Reuters)

There are shots and beers and Readymix DJs that are basically just waiting for you to show up in your most grotesque zombie costume and dance all night at Ozzy's.

It's cheap if you show up early, and it's free if you bring a non-perishable food item for Winnipeg Harvest.

And considering you'll be spending the night feasting on brains and possibly a late-night snack from Lil Pizza Heaven, you won't even have any use for that food anyway!

Oh, but don't wear anything you hope to keep for later use. The fake blood and makeup at these things is copious.

WHAT: FOOD — Fall suppers

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Where: Across rural Manitoba

Cost: Around $12-$15

Coming off of a long weekend, this one will feel horribly short, but if you want to hold on to a little bit of that pumpkin spice and food-coma glow you should check out one of the fall suppers happening in rural Manitoba this weekend.
Fall suppers offer a ton of different options -- and turkey is often one of them! (Travel Manitoba)

Basically, community groups in small towns host these things called "fall suppers" where you buy a ticket ahead of time and then go eat a ton of local food made with old family recipes and served in a giant buffet.

You can take a mini-road trip out to the towns, see something new and then go crazy on homemade perogies, farm-fresh veggies, homemade pies and crumbles, and a ton of other locally-sourced goodies.

Churches and other community groups do it to raise money for special projects, and the food is unreal.

You can basically bring anyone from a foodie friend to your grandma to this, and you will love it. I highly recommend filling a car with five of your closest friends and going as a big, starving group, though.

You do HAVE to buy tickets in advance — so give the local organization a shout before you go. But it's really worth it!

This weekend there are suppers in St. Adolphe, Stonewall, Pinawa, Anola, Gimli, Ile des Chenes and a ton of other not-to-far towns.

For a full list, check out Orest Kinasevych's Digital Journal.