Top 5 things to do in and near Winnipeg this weekend (Aug. 28-30)

If you like comedy or beer or pizza, check out the comedy block party on all weekend in South Osborne. Big names will be in town doing traditional and not-so-traditional comedy.

Oddblock comedy fest brings big names to Winnipeg, Courier News hit Good Will, a farm serves pizza

The incredible Alexa Dirks and Matt Schellenberg are playing together as Courier News at The Good Will this weekend. (Jared Falk)

This is my favourite column in a long time and not just because Oddblock is finally here!

If you like comedy or beer or pizza, check out the comedy block party on all weekend in South Osborne. Big names will be in town doing traditional and not-so-traditional comedy.

Outside of that, it's a pretty romantic column this week. Just a ton of cute date ideas (go dance to Courier News or eat pizza outdoors on a farm!) and stuff to do with people you like.

WHAT: COMEDY – Oddblock in South Osborne

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Where: South Osborne near The Park Theatre at 698 Osborne St.

Cost: $10 to $20 per show or $70 for a festival pass

 Winnipeg's brand newest comedy festival is my top pick for the weekend.

Oddblock is bringing a ton of very talented and very funny people to the city for four days of a big, comedy block party.
Oddblock has brought in Chris Cubas and a whole bunch of other comedians to join locals at their comedy block party this weekend. (Courtesy Oddblock)

Basically, there are shows from Friday to Sunday at The Park Theatre (the main venue), Luxalune, Vera Pizza, Deseo and a bunch of other places in South Osborne. There are also beer gardens with open mic comedy sets!

My top picks for the festival are Friday night's LGBT show (named Gay Bash) with Rhea Butcher and Chantel Marostica, Saturday's gala show with Michelle Buteau and Chris Cubas and Saturday's all-female Lady Killers show with Karen Kilgariff and Aisha Alfa.

There are so many shows happening and each of them have really cool concepts – there's a tiny comedy show at Vera where you can get food and listen to sets, there's one where east and west coast comedians compete and there's a drunk show Friday night.
Check out Rhea Butcher at Oddblock this weekend. Oh and about 100 other amazing comedians. (Courtesy Oddblock)

The fest has done a really incredible job of bringing in a super diverse lineup, and I think, especially for a younger crowd, the fest is going to bring something a bit different than what you see at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

Tickets to each show are pretty cheap too – with the priciest per-ticket show at just $20. Go, have some beers and laugh.

I'm most looking forward to Rhea Butcher's sets. Her stuff is polished and smart and her timing is impeccable. Enjoy, guys!

WHAT: MUSIC – Slow Spirit and Courier News at The Good Will

When: Friday, Aug. 28 at 9 p.m.

Where: The Good Will at 625 Portage Ave.

Cost: $10

If there's one thing that might tear me away from Oddblock this weekend, it's this show.

The incredible Alexa Dirks and Matt Schellenberg are playing together as Courier News at The Good Will.

The pair have a pretty impressive local indie pedigree with Dirks of Chic Gamine and Schellenberg of Royal Canoe. And their first EP together is just such an amazing meld of their talents.

Anyway, they're playing Friday night with five-piece band that's part Chic Gamine, part Royal Canoe and part Slow Spirit.

Oh and did I mention Slow Spirit, one of my absolute favourite local bands, is playing the same show?

Put on a cute dress (or pants, if that's your jam) and go do a little swaying to some amazing local music, guys.

Could we get a punch bowl at this? It feels like the kind of show there should be a punch bowl at.

WHAT: FOOD – Fresh pizza on a farm at Integrity Foods

When: Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Where: Integrity Foods farm north of Riverton, Man., just off Highway 8.

Cost: $22 to $23 (includes pizza and a drink)

If you need a cute date idea, Integrity Foods has one for you.
Look for this sign north of Riverton to find the pizza farm! (Facebook)

The little farm north of Riverton, Man., hosts pizza nights on Fridays and Saturdays.

You go out to the farm and get all these farm-fresh ingredients in a pizza made-to-order.

The whole thing costs about $23 for a pizza and drinks, and if you want, you can bring your own drinks and salad.

There are also trails you can walk and you can visit the farm's animals.

The whole thing is about an hour and a half drive, so you really have to be in the mood for a road trip, but I think it sounds like a cute romance-lite activity.

PS: No reservations needed.

WHAT: FEST – Chinatown Street Festival

When: Saturday and Sunday

Where: Chinatown Gardens at 180 King St.

Cost: FREE

The Chinatown Street Festival has a night market and Kung Fu movies this year, which I feel like would be pretty fun.

There's going to be a traditional lion dance, movies, music and a market for two days.

It's going to be a really cool celebration of Chinese culture, and the weather is supposed to be fantastic for a street festival.

I know the parade won't have elephants or anything, but you could still probably bring your significant other and pretend you're in that scene from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind where Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet are super in love.

I mean, that's what I would do.

WHAT: FILM – Home, Hunger Games in Assiniboine Park

When: Friday, Aug. 28 at 7 p.m. and 9:15 p.m.

Where: Assiniboine Park Lyric Theatre

Cost: FREE

This is your last weekend to do the cute thing in Assiniboine Park where you bring a blanket and watch a movie with people you like.
It's your last chance to see Lyric Theatre in Assiniboine Park this weekend. (Travel Manitoba)

Home, an animated movie with little monsters, is on for the early show, and the third instalment of The Hunger Games is on for the late show.

Bring snacks and a blanket and bug spray! And chairs if sitting on your butt on the ground for hours doesn't sound like fun.


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