Thief returns to Winnipeg store to pay for stolen merchandise

Winnipegger Dave Rand said posting surveillance video of a theft in his store Capitol Motorsports online has paid off.

'He was remorseful and definitely felt some pressure,' says owner of Capitol Motorsports

Dave Rand, owner of Capitol Motorsports on St. Anne's Road, says he was inspired to put the footage of a theft in his store on YouTube after seeing a story CBC covered of a man that caught thieves stealing his snowblower. (CBC)

Winnipegger Dave Rand said posting surveillance video of a theft in his store Capitol Motorsports online has paid off.

Rand uploaded security footage of two men entering his store on 157 St. Anne’s Rd. Saturday looking for winter gear.

One of the men in the video asks the female employee to help him look for gloves.

While she was distracted, the second suspect walks out of the store with a jacket, dumping the merchandise outdoors before re-entering to get his friend.

On Wednesday, the man recorded taking the jacket came back to the store and paid Rand the jacket’s full ticket price. He told Rand he felt bad after seeing the video posted on social media.

“He was remorseful, and definitely felt some pressure,” said Rand. “I actually sat with him for 45 minutes, you know, told him how it affected myself, my employees, my family."

Rand said he has accepted the man’s apology and gave him some advice.

“I actually told him to make some better choices in his life,” said Rand. “As far as I am concerned, the matter is over."