Thelma Krull search: Police focus on Valley Gardens Community Centre

Police search efforts for missing Winnipeg woman, Thelma Krull, have focused around Valley Gardens Community Centre on Tuesday.

Krull, 57, has been missing since Saturday morning when she went for a hike

Day 4 in the search for missing Winnipeg woman Thelma Krull

8 years ago
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Police search efforts for missing Winnipeg woman, Thelma Krull, have focused around Valley Gardens Community Club Tuesday afternoon

Police search efforts for missing Winnipeg woman, Thelma Krull, have focused around Valley Gardens Community Centre on Tuesday.

Police have found an item of interest in the area. 

Day four of the search has included Bunn's Creek area, the 1900 block of Henderson Highway, and the Valley Gardens area. 

Krull, 57, was last seen Saturday morning at her home in the north part of Transcona before she went on a hike. After she failed to show up for her grandson's birthday party that afternoon, family members reported her missing.

Winnipeg Search and Rescue had six members out combing the brush and the water of Bunn's Creek on Tuesday morning. 

Krull's daughter, Lisa Besser, also searched around Henderson Highway on Tuesday. She said she is so thankful that many members of the public took part in an organized search on Monday evening. 

Winnipeg Search and Rescue search Bunn's Creek Tuesday for any sign of Thelma Krull who has been missing since Saturday. (Erin Brohman/CBC)
Besser said the public searches are on hold while police investigate.

Krull's husband, Robert Krull, said police "believe they have some leads, so we're hoping. There's still hope."

He said he last saw his wife on Friday night, when she talked about waking up early to go on her walk.

"We had discussed … getting a ladder from Canadian Tire. She was going to call me when she got there; I was going to take the truck up and purchase it, and do a few other things and go to the birthday party," he said.

Krull said the last four days have been very emotional and he hasn't been sleeping well, but it's helped that he's been surrounded by family.

"I can't imagine being without her," he said.

At the time of her disappearance, Thelma Krull was training for a seven-day hike with her older brother, Bill Therriault, on the West Coast Trail in British Columbia.

Search and rescue teams search the Valley Gardens area of Winnipeg Tuesday, for any sign of Thelma Krull. (Erin Brohman/CBC)
"She's been trying to get herself in shape to do it, and then this," said Therriault, who has travelled to Winnnipeg from Penticton, B.C., to help with the search.

Therriault said he is trying to cope with his younger sister's disappearance.

"She's a good kid. She's a good kid. A gentle, kind person, very predictable, very open, very loving mother and sister," he said.

"We're just doing. Just wake up and check the nightmare and go back to bed."

Police briefing cancelled

Winnipeg police had called a news conference about the search for Krull for Tuesday afternoon, but then cancelled it minutes later without explanation.

Krull's family said they were at no point informed by police that there would be a news conference.

"It doesn't concern me that we weren't made aware by police about this press update. We're letting police go about their business and they're updating my sister almost constantly, they're in constant contact," said Robert Krull Jr., Thelma's son.