Thelma Krull: Police seek to identify 3 possible witnesses

Winnipeg police have released images of three people they would like to speak with in connection to the disappearance of Thelma Krull.

Krull, 57, went for a walk more than a week ago and hasn't been seen since

Winnipeg police have released images of three people they would like to speak with in connection with the disappearance of Thelma Krull. 2:12
Police are hoping to identify this jogger who was in the area where Thelma Krull was last seen on July 11. (Winnipeg Police Service)
Police are hoping to identify this girl who was in the area where Thelma Krull was last seen on July 11. (Winnipeg Police Service)
Winnipeg police have released images of three people they would like to speak with in connection with the disappearance of Thelma Krull.

Anyone who can identify the people in the photos is asked to contact police. Investigators do not believe they are suspects but want to identify and speak with them to determine whether they might have seen anything.

Police believe they were in the same area and at the same time Krull was last seen. Investigators have previously said she was last known to be in the area of the Kimberly Avenue hill, between Valley Gardens Community Club and Kildonan East Collegiate, at about 8 a.m. on July 11.

Police spokesman Const.Jason Michalyshyn said "in excess of 100 tips" have come in but investigators are still "struggling" to make headway.

"Unfortunately, the tips thus far have not moved this investigation in the direction we want it to," he said. "We're trying to determine what took place and certainly don't have the answers we want at this point."

Krull, 57, went for a morning walk on July 11 and hasn't been seen since. After she failed to show up for her grandson's birthday party that afternoon, family members reported her missing.

Police released this image of a jogger who was in the area where Thelma Krull was last seen on July 11. They want to identify the person and speak to them. (Winnipeg Police Service)
Police released this image last week of two people cycling near where Thelma Krull was last seen. They have since identified the people and spoken with them but aren't any further ahead, they said. (Winnipeg Police Service)
Michalyshyn would not comment on if Krull's bank accounts have been accessed or if her home has been searched by investigators.

"Everything that you have suggested is part of the investigation," he told reporters. "I'm not going to divulge the outcome."

Krull's husband of 29 years, Robert, however, told CBC News her bank cards are all at home and the accounts have not been used.

Michalyshyn was also reluctant to talk about items recovered by investigators.

"I'm not going to get into specifics of those," he said. "I'm just going to say items have been located."

He did, however, say police have no information to suggest any members of the public should be concerned.

Several community-led searches by family members and volunteers have taken place since then, and another is set for tonight at 8 p.m. The group is meeting at the Tim Hortons near Gateway Road and McLeod Avenue.

Hundreds of people carrying candles marched on Saturday evening in East Kildonan to show support for Krull's family.

Police and members of Winnipeg Search and Rescue have been combing through yards in the northeast part of the city as well as parks and brush. But on Friday, police spokesman Const. Eric Hofley said investigators are stumped and "grasping at straws" to figure out what happened to Krull.
Winnipeg police are asking for the public's help finding 57-year-old Thelma Krull. (Winnipeg Police Service)

He said the homicide unit has taken the lead on the investigation because they have more resources. Other units of the police service are still involved and it is still considered a missing persons case.

The public has also been asked to check their properties for anything suspicious and review surveillance footage if they have security cameras. Sometimes the most seemingly minor information "can be the crumb that leads [investigators] to an outcome," Hofley said.

"We're optimistic that that small tip might come forward from footages, further dialogue," Michalyshyn said Monday. "We're hopeful that one phone call might make the difference of us moving this investigation forward."

Earlier this week, investigators found Krull's eyeglasses near the Valley Gardens Community Centre.

The union representing Winnipeg Transit workers is offering a $5,000 reward for information that helps investigators locate Krull. Her husband, Robert, has worked as a bus driver since 2007.

Krull is described as 5-4", 170 pounds, with short dyed blonde hair with a purple streak. She was last seen wearing black capri-style pants, a reddish-orange shirt, hiking boots and glasses.

Robert Krull said the situation with his wife of 29 years has left his mind spinning and his heart breaking.

"I just wish I told her I loved her more," he said, his voice cracking. "I just suggest people do that with their spouses, family — hug, tell them you love them."

He said he's not sleeping well and "my mind is going a hundred miles an hour with thoughts," but he is trying to be positive.

"I don't want to speculate anything bad. I have to put it out of my mind," he said, adding that he can't help but worry.

"She wouldn't have left on her own, with the birthday party. Family is everything to her."

Thelma Krull, 57, went for a walk on July 11 and hasn't been seen since 3:23


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