Manitoba·★★★★ Review

The Collector

FOUR STARS Strong performances and a chilling conclusion make this creepy local production well worth your time.

FOUR STARS | For audiences looking for a high creep-out factor, 'The Collector' delivers

Caitlin Belton and Thomas Toles (The 28th Minute)

Rating: ★★★★

Company: The 28th Minute, Winnipeg

Genre: Play — Drama

Venue: 6 — Tom Hendry Warehouse

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For those of you looking for a high creep-out factor, Winnipeg theatre outfit The 28th Minute delivers with The Collector

Poor, pathetic Freddy Clegg might never have lived out his twisted fantasy of collecting a young woman if he hadn't won the money, a metaphor for the corruption of power if ever there was one.

Strong performances and a chilling conclusion make this well worth your time.- John Sadoway

Miranda Gray, his appalled and outraged victim, rather quickly gains a bit of an upper hand by understanding on some level that Freddy does not see what is wrong with what he has done. The advantage serves her ill because of coincidence and because her own lack of self-awareness creates more conflict for Freddy.

Knowing what he's done makes one want to hate him. Thomas Toles's performance as Freddy reaches an ideal level of earnest conviction, making one pause that hatred because one realizes this man might not be capable of understanding the enormity of his crime. It's the most abhorrent ramification of "born that way."

Strong performances and a chilling conclusion make this well worth your time.

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