Teulon, Man., winner of $100K scholarship says community involvement is 'greatest passion in life'

A Grade 12 student from Teulon, Man., is one of just 34 students across Canada awarded a prestigious scholarship worth $100,000.

Grade 12 student Samantha Morin is 1 of 34 recipients of prestigious Loran scholarship

Samantha Morin, a Grade 12 student at Teulon Collegiate, is one of just 34 students who received a prestigious Loran scholarship. (Samantha Morin/Facebook)

A Grade 12 student from Teulon, Man., is one of just 34 students across Canada awarded a prestigious scholarship worth $100,000.

Samantha Morin was at home when she got the brief phone call letting her know she'll receive a Loran scholarship.

​"I was actually struck. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was a quick … one-minute phone call telling me, 'congratulations, you were selected.' And I just — I thought it was a dream for the longest time until I got a confirmation email," Morin said.

"I ran out to the living room immediately and told my mom. She couldn't believe it either. We both thought we were in a dream."

Morin, who is about to graduate from Teulon Collegiate in the small town about 55 kilometres north of Winnipeg, applied for the scholarship after being encouraged to do so by her guidance counselor.

"I looked up the scholarship and I thought, it's far-fetched but it's something that maybe I could have a chance at winning."

'There's no other feeling like it'

After she applied, Morin was chosen by a selection committee to qualify for the regional pool. After making the cut regionally, she was selected for the national group and flown to Toronto for two days of interviews before finally being selected for the award.

According to the Loran website, the scholarships are awarded "on the basis of character, service and the promise of leadership."

Morin is the co-president of her school's student council, which she's been involved with since Grade 7. She's also a junior high volleyball coach, a yearbook editor and curling team captain. 

As well, she helped start the school's Indigenous culture club and created a volunteer-driven community child care service at the local arts centre.

"There is just something about volunteering that really makes me happy, and it's just my greatest passion in life is to be involved in my community. There's no other feeling like it," she said.

"I'm very fortunate to realize that."

Morin isn't sure what school she'll attend yet, but she plans to study education to become an elementary school teacher.