Terry MacLeod signing off, 1 last time

Longtime CBC Manitoba radio host Terry MacLeod will record his final broadcasts Saturday and Sunday.

MacLeod hangs up mic after more than 33 years working at CBC

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      Longtime CBC Manitoba host Terry MacLeod will record his final CBC radio broadcasts Saturday and Sunday.

      Longtime CBC Manitoba host Terry MacLeod has hung up the microphone. He recorded his final show Sunday. 25:02

      Terry says the thought of retirement initially made him anxious, but life away from the mic is starting to look a lot less scary.

      "Now I am at the point where I am thinking it's been a wonderful 33 years. I've had so many stunning opportunities. I've met so many spectacular people, I've worked with such amazing people. I've learned so much," he says.

      "If I hadn't worked for CBC, and if I hadn't moved to Manitoba … I wouldn't be the person I am today."

      Longtime CBC Manitoba host Terry MacLeod has hung up the microphone. He recorded his final show Sunday. 2:05:15

      Terry has brought stories to Manitoba audiences for 23 years, about 10 of which were spent co-hosting CBC Manitoba's weekday morning show, Information Radio, alongside host Marcy Markusa.

      "Those were pretty special years," Terry says.

      Weekend Morning Show host Terry MacLeod talks with Information Radio host Marcy Markusa one last time before he retires. 9:10

      Terry moved over to weekends a few years ago after a heart surgery forced him off the radio to recover.

      Before making his way to the Prairies, Terry put in 10 years at several other CBC bureaus across Canada.

      Over the years he produced and guest-hosted CBC Radio's hit network show Morningside with Peter Gzowski and guest-hosted CBC Radio Toronto's Metro Morning, Morningside in the Summer, Sounds like Canada and As It Happens.

      He worked in Indigenous language radio with WaWaTa in Sioux Lookout, Ont., and Taqrimuit Nipingat in Salluit, Nunavik. He also hosted for BBC Radio Scotland.

      The Prince Edward Island native was lured to Winnipeg by the promise of new opportunities — and delicious locally made cake.

      "[CBC Manitoba management] sent me a Jeanne's cake in Toronto and said, 'This is what you'll have when you move to Manitoba.'"

      Terry watched the province change and grow over the years. He's always been struck by Manitoba's diversity, including the Icelandic culture in Gimli, where Terry has spent years contributing to the annual Icelandic Festival as an emcee and volunteer.

      As for how the 65-year-old will spend his time in retirement, he has one project currently in the works with the Manitoba Writer's Guild called "Talking Manitoba Books."

      The hope is to develop a conversation series in libraries that would include perspectives from new and established writers and publishers, among other guest speakers. The events would be recorded and uploaded online as videos and podcasts.

      Icelandic cruise

      He's also hoping to spend some time in the north. Way north.

      "A cruise company asked Ellen [his wife] and me to host this circumnavigation cruise of Iceland for 10 days next summer."

      Terry says the thing he'll miss most is connecting with listeners every weekend.

      "That's so important to me. That kind of intimacy and the capacity to tell stories, and people's willingness to get really deep about the kind of things that really matter to them."

      Catch Terry's final Weekend Morning Show casts on CBC Radio One (89.3 FM / 990 AM), or stream them here between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. CT on Dec. 17 and 18.