Winnipeg man in coma after ordeal outside store on Main Street

A Winnipeg man is in a coma after causing a disturbance inside a Main Street store Saturday and family say they just want answers as to why.

Family says Terrance Garson, 30, suffered a brain hemorrhage and has stitches on his head

Terrance Garson, 30, is in a coma after an incident on Main Street Saturday. (Supplied)

A Winnipeg man is in a coma after causing a disturbance inside a Main Street store Saturday and family say they just want answers as to why.

Shortly after 11 a.m. Saturday, police say the man was causing a disturbance in the area of Main Street and Jarvis Avenue. He was behaving erratically and armed with an edged weapon — Const. Rob Carver said he couldn't say what kind — and had recently been removed from a neighbouring business.

Two or three bystanders in the area were able to take his weapon away and restrained him, and police got there quickly afterward, Carver said.

At that point, the man had a medical emergency and was taken to hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

The family of 30-year-old Terrence Garson is looking for answers on how he ended up in a coma after he was arrested on Saturday and went into a medical emergency. Jillian Taylor reports. 1:20

Roma Garson identified the man as her nephew Terrance Garson, 30, and said he is in a coma.

"They're just gradually bringing him to try and wake him up. He hasn't woken up so far and they started this morning so I'm not too sure as of right now," Garson told CBC News Monday afternoon.

Garson said the family has no concrete answers about why her nephew was behaving strangely or why he had to be restrained.

But she did say he suffers from mental health issues and has been known to abuse alcohol. She also said she has been told there were illicit substances in his system.

Police were called to reports of a man acting in a threatening manner on Saturday. (Kelly Malone/CBC)
"I'm not too sure as to what kind of drugs. We know it's been alcohol but we didn't know it's gone to that level."

His parents were told that he left the home he was staying at and didn't return, said Roma. When doctors examined him when he was brought to the hospital, they found he'd suffered a brain hemorrhage. 

He also has stitches in his head. Roma said she's not sure how his head was wounded.

His family is pulling together and trying to support each other, she added. "They're stressed, you can tell. They're really stressed. We're just trying to be there for them, support them right now. Right now we're just focused on him."

A spokesperson for the Independent Investigation Unit said it was notified but is not investigating the incident. The police watchdog investigates serious incidents involving police officers across Manitoba.

The Winnipeg Police Service is asking anyone who may have had contact with Garson or seen him on Saturday to call investigators or CrimeStoppers.

With files from Jillian Taylor