Teghan's top 5 things to do this weekend in Winnipeg (May 12-14)

​The weather is going to be pretty forgettable this weekend, so you get a free pass to stay inside as much as you want without feeling the start-of-summer guilt.

Shotgun Jimmie, Dan Verville, an orchestra in a brewery and photos with pets top the list

Go check out the Science Rendezvous at the University of Manitoba this weekend. They'll let you touch a starfish. (Kira Koop)

The weather is going to be pretty forgettable this weekend, so you get a free pass to stay inside as much as you want without feeling the start-of-summer guilt.

Friday night, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra will be at a brewery to play music for happy hour and some of the city's best comics will be at the Children's Museum for an adults-only night.

On Saturday, there's a science thing at the University of Manitoba, an art thing involving pets in the space above Parlour Coffee and Shotgun Jimmie is playing Forth.

If you don't love these, there's a cool thing happening all weekend at Prairie Theatre Exchange where you can listen to plays read aloud and give feedback to the playwrights immediately after, the new Picasso thing at the Winnipeg Art Gallery opens, a small film festival at Cinematheque, an art opening at Lisa Kehler Art + Projects and there's music and comedy for $5 at Wee Johnny's Friday night.

WHAT: MUSIC — WSO pop-up at Little Brown Jug

When: Friday, May 12 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Where: Little Brown Jug Brewing Company at 336 William Ave.

Cost: FREE (not the beer)

If you're looking for a good place to do happy hour on Friday, check out Little Brown Jug in the Exchange District.

The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra is cramming into the tiny brewery for a pop-up show at 5 p.m.

This is probably the closest you'll get to the symphony all year, and this is a one-of-a-kind event this summer, so go check it out.

Notes for picky drinkers: LBJ only has one beer (or at least, it only had one when I went a couple weeks ago) so you need to be OK with Belgian Pale Ale.

And seating is very limited, so I'd prepare to stand.

WHAT: COMEDY — Dan Verville and HUNKS

When: Friday, May 12 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Where: The Manitoba Children's Museum at 45 Forks Market Rd.

Cost: $25
HUNKS is at the Manitoba Children's Museum with Outside Joke and Dan Verville for an adults-only night on Friday. (Dwayne Larson)

The Children's Museum has another instalment of their adults-only nights on Friday.

This time, it's comedy with Dan Verville, Outside Joke and HUNKS.

HUNKS does sketch comedy and Outside Joke does musical improv, and I promise you both are very good.

This one has prizes (I'm confused about the circumstances surrounding them, but apparently they will be there), a cash bar and the best part is that during breaks in the show you can go play on all the structures and in the exhibits.

WHAT: KIDS — Science Rendezvous

When: Saturday, May 13 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: The University of Manitoba at 65 Chancellor's Circle and the University of Winnipeg, 599 Portage Ave.

Cost: FREE

I'm just going to tell you flat out that this is far and away the neatest thing going on this weekend.

The U of M and U of W are doing this whole day of celebrating science basically by doing everything cool you ever saw on Popular Mechanics for Kids.
You could have as much fun as this kid did last year if you go to the Science Rendezvous on Saturday. (Kira Koop)

At the U of M, there's going to be a musical staircase (kind of like the floor piano in Big but on stairs), ice cream made with liquid nitrogen (you get to eat it), an actual bed of nails, a chance to touch a starfish (A CHANCE TO TOUCH A STARFISH), an oobleck pool (Google it), a photo booth, chemistry magic shows and a whole bunch of other stuff.

There are also going to be food trucks parked outside including Red Ember, Bronuts and a BDI truck.

The U of W, meanwhile, promises live chemistry shows at 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m., a chance to play a theremin, and Batmen and Batwomen who will teach you all about the flying critters, among other activities.

I would take kids to this by the busload (they are, actually, on Friday, for a closed event), and this apparently isn't just for kids.

Adults who are into touching starfish and seeing bees and eating ice cream are welcome as well.

WHAT: FUN — Ace Art's Portrait With Your Pet

When: Saturday, May 13 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Where: Above Parlour Coffee at 468 Main St.

Cost: $65

If your children have four legs and are the most celebrated creatures on earth, bring them for a fancy photo shoot on Saturday.
This is the glacier set by Clifford Goodwill and Nathalie Ferguson from a previous Portrait With Your Pet event. These photos are amazing, and you definitely need one. (Charles Venzon courtesy Aceartinc.)

Ace Art is doing their last-ever Portrait With Your Pet photo shoot day.

For the unfamiliar, they have artists design elaborate sets for you to pose on with your dog or cat and professional photographers come in to take photos of you.

This year, Nicole Flynn and Liam Zarillo are designing a disco-themed set and Toby Gillies is doing a space one.

This is a fundraiser for Ace Art, and it's in a new spot this year above Parlour Coffee on Main Street, so make sure you go to the right place.

You do have to book spots in advance, I believe, so hop on their event site before you go and grab a space.
This set was by Divya Mehra and the adorable people in it are Suzie, Justin and their pup is Juno. This could be you and your beautiful dog family if you go to the Ace Art Portrait With Your Pet fundraiser on Saturday. (Karen Asher courtesy aceartinc.)

WHAT: MUSIC — Shotgun Jimmie at Forth

When: Saturday, May 13 at 8 p.m.

Where: Forth at 171 McDermot Ave.

Cost: $15 in advance

The West End Cultural Centre is bringing in Shotgun Jimmie to play at Forth this weekend.

If the name isn't ringing a bell, he's an incredibly talented Can-rock/indie-rock artist who has worked with Joel Plaskett and John K. Samson.

He's on a "never-ending" tour right now, and his last stop in Canada for a bit is here, which is lucky for us.

This will be a great show at a great venue, and tickets are only $15 if you get them early.

Top 5 things to do this weekend in Winnipeg

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The weather is going to be pretty forgettable this weekend, so you get a free pass to stay inside as much as you want without feeling the start-of-summer guilt. 1:54