'It means a lot to me' says Syrian refugee after donations pour in to help save mother's life

A Syrian refugee who moved to Winnipeg five months ago is desperate for financial support in order to help his mother whose health is deteriorating quickly.

Adam Asaleya is calling on Winnipeggers to help him pay for mom's life-saving surgery

Mubayed will lose both her legs if she isn't able to have knee surgery. Her son who is living in Winnipeg right now is hoping to raise over 10-thousand dollars. (Adam Asaleya/Supplied photo )

A Syrian refugee who moved to Winnipeg five months ago is desperate for financial support in order to help his mother, whose health is deteriorating quickly.

Adam Asaleya left his entire family behind and fled his war-torn country seven years ago, after he was told he would be forced into the military.

At the time, Asaleya had dreams of becoming a doctor, so his parents supported his decision and move to Istanbul, Turkey, where he could further his studies.

A couple of years later, Asaleya travelled to Russia to work on becoming a doctor, but his family couldn't pay his tuition any longer. Their homes had been torn apart by bombs. His only brother lost his life after one exploded near his home. The little money they had left to support Asaleya ran dry.

Extreme loss and the dangerous situation playing out in his home country forced Asaleya to Winnipeg. A family friend lives in Manitoba and encouraged him to move to Canada because it would be a great opportunity to continue studying.

"I've met a lot of people in Winnipeg. All of them are super kind and friendly," said Asalyea, who also said he's settling in.

But the transition to Winnipeg hasn't been easy. Asaleya has struggled to find full-time work and will attend school at Red River College full-time to study English. Asaleya has the pressure of not only supporting himself but his family in Syria. Now it's up to him to find money to send back to his mother, who's very sick.

"My mom's condition has drastically worsened," says Asaleya. "She cannot move at all."

After suffering a severe spinal cord injury, doctors told Asaelya's mother she needed to have immediate knee surgery. If she doesn't soon, she will not only lose her right leg, she will most likely lose her left as well.

Asaleya says the inflammation in her right leg has progressed so fast that his mother has become completely immobile and she can't get ouf bed.

"The operation will help her walk again. If anyone can help me get my mom the knee surgery, I would be eternally grateful," says Asaleya.

However, Asaleya says there's one major roadblock: the $10,000 price tag. 

A friend set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money and so far, $2,000 has been donated by giving Winnipeggers.

"I was so happy. I'm here new and kind of alone. When you need help you need someone to support you," says Asaleya. "The people in Winnipeg are so generous for helping. It means a lot to me."

Asaleya says it's been a rough seven years being separated from his family but right now he's focused on raising enough money to save his mother. "I will be eternally thankful."