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Union says Manitoba Tories' claim of excess spending is false

Manitoba Progressive Conservatives are accusing a union of breaking the spending limits for third parties in the provincial election, but the union says the accusation is false.

Name-calling in NDP campaign ads 'a sign of desperation,' says Pallister

Opinions are divided on Manitoba's election campaign trail about whether using "ass" to describe your opponent is run-of-the-mill sass or a term too crass for the political class.

Former backroom guy: Manitoba Liberal leader in spotlight ahead of election

Manitoba's Liberal leader has gone from political backrooms to elected office after winning a seat in the legislature last year.

A troubled past and attacks from opponents have not deterred Manitoba NDP leader

Wab Kinew has stayed on as Opposition leader despite previous criminal charges and revelations in the media and in attack ads by the governing Progressive Conservatives about homophobic and misogynistic rap lyrics and social media posts.

Manitoba Tory Leader Brian Pallister favours results over popularity

Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister genuinely appears to have little interest in being well-liked on a personal level.

Ousted Manitoba politician to run as Independent, denies groping allegation

A Manitoba politician who was kicked out of the governing Progressive Conservative caucus says he is running for re-election as an Independent and denies allegations he groped a fellow party member.

Pallister would cancel sales tax on home insurance if re-elected

Manitoba PC leader Brian Pallister promised Monday to remove the provincial sales tax from home and renters' insurance if he is re-elected in the fall, saving the average household about $70 a year.

Premier Pallister eyes looser holiday shopping rules

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says his Progressive Conservative government is considering loosening the law that limits store openings on some holidays.

Manitoba Liberal leader won't commit to laying out how he'll pay for promises

Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont says he will lay out his anti-austerity platform before the Sept. 10 provincial election, but cannot commit to revealing details as to how he would pay for it.

Manitoba Opposition NDP playing defence as election draws closer

It's unusual for an Opposition party to be playing defence this far out from an election, said one political analyst. But Kinew presents a special case because the governing Progressive Conservatives have already highlighted his legal troubles in ads of their own.

New Manitoba plan contains no carbon tax, higher carbon emissions level

The Manitoba government is watering down its target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and removing any possible carbon tax from the equation.

'This was not a hoax': Defence lawyer says anti-Semitic attack was genuine

A lawyer for one of three family members accused of staging an anti-Semitic attack at their Winnipeg cafe says the hate crime was no hoax.

Longtime former Manitoba NDP cabinet minister will not seek re-election

Andrew Swan says he will serve out his current term but not seek re-election when Premier Brian Pallister calls the next vote. Swan is one of the few remaining New Democrat politicians from the days of Premier Gary Doer, when the NDP was riding high in popular support.

Supporter says Steve Ashton not being allowed to run for Manitoba NDP

A longtime former Manitoba NDP cabinet minister and leadership contender is being barred from running for the party again in the next election, a supporter says.

Manitoba needs to clarify law on government advertising: report

Manitoba's rules on government advertising, which have landed politicians in hot water and prompted overly cautious bureaucrats to take down public information, are in need of an overhaul, says a report released Wednesday.