Soggy Sunday in southern Manitoba

Between 30 millimetres to 50 mm of rain is expected to shower most regions of southern Manitoba over the course of the day Sunday.

Between 50 to 75 mm to hit parts of western Manitoba

Rainfall warnings have been called off or demoted to "watches" for many parts of southern Manitoba.
Much of southern Manitoba is under a rainfall warning Sunday.

Between 30 to 50 mm of rain was expected to shower most regions in the south over the course of the day.

That same amount has reportedly already doused areas of the Interlake today, with 15 to 25 mm more expected in the area by the time the rain stops Monday.

Dauphin has had 40 mm of rain Sunday and heavier amounts are expected for the western Parklands, Interlake, and Riding Mountain parts of the province, with between 50 to 75 mm predicted to fall by the time storms clear Monday.

Winnipeg is in for about 20 to 30 mm, but rainfall warnings have been lifted for the city as well as the Red River Valley.

Besides all this rain, Environment Canada meteorologist Mike Russo said Manitoba could also see some thunderstorms Sunday afternoon.

“I suspect that most of that activity will be east of the city of Winnipeg, but we're still not out of the woods and any thunderstorm activity that does develop along that cold front will definitely have the potential of becoming severe.”

A low pressure system and cold front is expected to sweep eastward across the Red River Valley, which may increase the potential for thunderstorm activity, Russo said.