Winnipeg dodges snow dump, warnings end for western Manitoba

More snow is coming to Manitoba but if you live in Winnipeg, you might not see any of it. Apparently the Perimeter Highway has created an invisible force field around the city.

'It's actually going to be a pretty nasty day in western Manitoba'

Parts of Manitoba will see more snow on Tuesday, while Winnipeg is expected to get just a dusting. (Darren Bernhardt/CBC)

More snow is coming to Manitoba but if you live in Winnipeg, you might not see any of it.

Apparently the Perimeter Highway has created an invisible force field around the city.

"Last night the snow was approaching Winnipeg and it was slowly advancing throughout the night until about a few hours ago, when it looks like it hit the Perimeter and decided to bounce back towards Starbuck," Environment Canada meteorologist Dan Fulton said early Tuesday morning.

"It was right on our doorstep and then it just started retreating."

Winnipeg should see a dusting of snow Tuesday but not what was originally expected as a low-pressure system crosses over from Saskatchewan, Fulton said.

"The main band [of snow] is actually going to miss us."

The forecast had suggested Winnipeg would see about two to four centimetres by Tuesday morning, but there wasn't a flake around.

The western half of the province, though, watched winter arrive, with between five and 10 centimetres of snow and possibly more in the higher elevations of the Parklands region, said Fulton.

"We won't know for another few hours, until we get the reports in, but it looks like some localized heavier accumulations there," he said.

For the most part, it seems like that part of the province fared better than anticipated. The forecasts on Monday had called for 10-20 cm of snow.

The forecast also says temperatures will fall below normal for the foreseeable future. That's still coming and the Perimeter won't shield Winnipeg, said Fulton.

"We will see that. That we can't escape," he said. "The temperature won't be too bad for most of the day [Tuesday]. It'll be tonight that it really drops of."

A snowfall warning that was in place early Tuesday has since been lifted. It covered everything west of Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipegosis, from Dawson Bay down to Brandon.

But the snow is not done with the west just yet.

"We're looking at snow falling throughout the day, accompanied by strong northerly winds, so it's actually going to be a pretty nasty day in western Manitoba," Fulton said.

"I'd say definitely by late this morning, things wouldn't be so good for driving out there."


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