Shirley Gnome: Real Mature


Company: Heartichoke Arts

Genre: Unclassifiable

Venue:ย 9 โ€” Eckhardt-Gramatte Hall (University of Winnipeg)

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Fringe do: check the content warnings in the Fringe program.
Fringe don't: bring your teenager daughter to Shirley Gnome's outrageously raunchy show, as one family apparently did recently. (And yes, they walked out.)

Dressed in her tiny pink cowboy hat and blue boots, you don't really see Shirley Gnome coming. But then, wham! There she is with a series of sweetly catchy country tunes about glittery privates, weird sex dreams, and the bleaching of non-sunshiny places.ย 

There's scarcely a facet of human sexual relations Gnome doesn't seem able to turn into a hilarious song. And yes, provided you're not terribly modest, you will laugh. A lot. Gnome is frank, completely uninhibited, and a smart comedian.

Most of the songs score big laughs, but a couple fall flat. And the hour-long show felt it was running out of steam by the time the kazoo came out, to be played in a way you won't likely see in any other Fringe show.

It is most certainly not a show for everyone. If jokes about anal sex, oral sex, geriatric sex, paid sex (do I need to go on here?) don't float your boat, avoid. Otherwise, Shirley Gnome may not always be totally mature โ€” but she's funny as hell.


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