Seriously? Snow joke. Flurries fall on Winnipeg in mid-May

Winnipeggers woke to a thin blanket of snow on Wednesday as temperatures dropped to zero overnight.
Snow covers a car in Winnipeg on May 14. Yes . . . May 14. (Darren Bernhardt/CBC)


Whoever ticked off Mother Nature, could you please step up, apologize and make things right again?

It's May 14 and she's dumping snow on Winnipeg. The long weekend — the unofficial kick-off to summer and camping — is two days away.

The high on Wednesday is expected to stumble to a miserable 8 C, sprinkled with rain showers in the afternoon. The normal for this time of year is 20 C.

It's a chilly day on Winnipeg's playgrounds. OK, let's be honest, it's chilly everywhere in the city. (Sara Calnek/CBC)
It was a cold, snowy, windy, ugly morning in Winnipeg. (Darren Bernhardt/CBC)
CBC Meteorologist John Sauder is holding out hope those normal numbers will be seen by Sunday.

Temperatures should start climbing — and the sun start shining — starting Thursday with a high of 12 C, then 14 C for Friday and 18 C for Saturday.

So this snow? It'll just be a quirky footnote that we'll all laugh about in no time.

That is, once we get through the –2 C that is expected overnight into Thursday morning.