Search crew from Winnipeg finds lost men in Nunavut

A Royal Canadian Air Force plane from Winnipeg helped find and rescue two missing men in Nunavut.
A CC-130 Hercules was dispatched by Canadian Forces from Winnipeg to find missing hunters near Arviat, Nunavut. (MCpl John Bradley/submitted by Royal Canadian Air Force)

A search and rescue crew from Winnipeg helped locate two missing men in Nunavut.

The men were last seen Monday on snowmobiles near the community of Arviat, on the western shore of Hudson Bay.

The men were headed for Whale Cove but never made it. Though they had a satelite phone, it was out of minutes.

The Royal Canadian Air Force dispatched the crew and Hercules aircraft from Winnipeg after being alerted by Nunavut's emergency management officer.

The crew spotted the missing men on Thursday afternoon and contacted emergency services in Nunavut. A snowmobile rescue team was sent to help them but didn't make it due to mechanical issues.

The Hercules crew stayed to watch over the men while other snowmobiles were sought out. In the meantime, search and rescue technicians (SAR Techs) parachuted from the Hercules to assess the well-being of the men, who were reported to be in good health.

The Hercules had to leave for refuelling in Rankin Inlet shortly before the snowmobile rescue team arrived. The SAR Techs remained with the men and when the snowmobile crew arrived, they were transported along with the men back to Arviat.