Sean Kavanagh

Provincial Affairs Reporter

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Sean has had a chance to live in some of Canada's other beautiful places (Whistler, B.C., and Lake of the Woods, Ont.) as well as in Europe and the United States. In more than a decade of reporting, Sean has covered some of the seminal events in Manitoba, from floods to elections, including a stint as the civic affairs reporter responsible for city hall.

Latest from Sean Kavanagh

6 staff fired from Winnipeg's property and planning department

Six staff at the city's property department have been terminated as a result of an investigation into inspectors using work hours to shop or take long breaks.

Winnipeg moving too fast on Portage Place mall sale, critics tell city council

Winnipeg city councillors heard from critics today who say the city is moving too fast and with no consultation as a deadline on the sale of the Portage Place mall looms.

City of Winnipeg's top lawyer resigns

City solicitor Krista Boryskavich has resigned and will leave Winnipeg's legal department on Aug. 2. The departure comes while the city is in several legal battles.

Flexibility needed for heritage designation, say building owners

Five buildings in and around Winnipeg's Exchange District will be reviewed for their heritage status. Owners want some flexibility on what should and shouldn't be preserved.

'Trust has left the room,' says head of property planning and development

In the wake of a damning video showing city inspectors using work time for personal reasons, the department head acknowledges the scandal has shaken confidence in city staff.

Federal environment minister re-announces funding for Winnipeg landfill project

In an election campaign-style announcement, federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna announced $1.3 million to cut emissions at Winnipeg's Brady Road landfill — but the money had been granted to the city months ago.

City inspections keep pace despite suspensions and resignations

The city says it has six fewer permit inspectors on the job right now, as their investigation continues into a video tape showing some inspectors shopping and doing personal tasks instead of working.

Mayor's inner circle looks at speed, Portage Place and Assiniboine Park

Selling Portage Place mall, increasing a loan guarantee to Assiniboine Park and taking over the responsibility for setting speed limits are all part of a packed agenda for councillors on the mayor's executive policy committee.

Experiment with free Wi-Fi on Winnipeg Transit buses could hit stop

A year-long pilot project that saw 12 Winnipeg Transit buses equipped with free Wi-Fi service has come to an end. The experiment found lots of riders use the service and it could provide enhanced safety for passengers and drivers.

Councillor says innovation strategy missing upgrades to 311 service

The city of Winnipeg has several innovation projects on the go, from linking parking enforcement officer to supervisors by video to equipping riding mowers with GPS, but one city councillor says what about innovation at the city's 311 service?

Toronto investment firm offers $69.9M for Portage Place mall

Starlight Investments is offering $69.9 million for downtown Winnipeg's Portage Place mall. The deal must get approval from the owner of the building and all three levels of government, which are shareholders.

Advocacy group Disability Matters launches vote campaign

Disability Matters has launched its campaign to highlight issues for Manitoba's disabled people and their families as the provincial election looms in the fall.

AG asks Winnipeg for records on Vimy Arena and old stadium sale

Manitoba's auditor general has requested records related to several decisions, including the declaration of the Vimy Arena as surplus by the City of Winnipeg.

Winnipeg city council asked to increase loan guarantee to Diversity Gardens by $3M

Winnipeg's city council is being asked to increase a loan guarantee to build the Diversity Garden at the Assiniboine Park Conservancy. The request comes after the conservancy has acknowledged the cost of the project has risen 30 per cent.

Has the city's innovation office been innovating enough?

Winnipeg's first chief innovation officer resigned in the spring and the city is now preparing a report on what his office accomplished during his two year tenure.