PTE honoured for staging plays by women playwrights

Winnipeg-based Prairie Theatre Exchange is being honoured for staging plays by women playwrights.
RobYn Slade, Jan Skene and Steven Ratzlaff star in "The Brink" by Ellen Peterson. (Bruce Monk)

Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg has received an international award for staging plays by women playwrights.

The International Centre for Women Playwrights (ICWP) hands out the 50/50 Applause Award annually to theatre companies that present 50 per cent or more women playwrights in a season.

PTE is receiving the award for its 2012-13 season, in which it staged This is War by Hannah Moscovitch, The Swearing Jar by Kate Hewlett and The Brink by Ellen Peterson.

This year, 29 awards were given out worldwide. The only other Canadian companies to receive an award are Factory Theatre in Toronto and Shameless Hussy Productions in Vancouver.

It's interesting to note that this year, PTE is once again featuring works by three women playwrights out of its five productions.

This award is very timely, as women playwrights are currently in the spotlight in Winnipeg. Female playwrights who are seeing new productions in the city this year have been dubbed the "Group of Seven."

ICWP was formed in 1988 to support women playwrights around the world and bring attention to their work.