Royal Canoe to hand deliver new record in Winnipeg

Royal Canoe is trying something different with the launch of their newest record.

Band will deliver new album to groups of 8 or more people on Friday, Sept. 2

Royal Canoe are planning to hand deliver their new album to fans in Winnipeg on Sept. 2. (Courtesy Royal Canoe)

A Winnipeg band is trying something different with the launch of their newest record.

Royal Canoe has created a website where fans of eight or more can sign up to have the band deliver their new record in person on Friday, Sept. 2. Royal Canoe are calling the deliveries house calls.

But there's a catch. Fans have to be in Winnipeg due to the fact the band will be travelling on bikes.

The idea came about in an effort to do something special for the band's home base.

"We wanted to show Winnipeg the record before anyone else," said Royal Canoe member Matt Schellenberg.

Along with delivering either a CD or vinyl version of Something got Lost Between Here and the Orbit, Royal Canoe plans to hang out a bit with their fans and listen to a song or two.

"If you're of age, we can like do a shot with you and then we'll go to the next house," Schellenberg said laughing.

Winnipeg is still home for Royal Canoe despite the fact the band members have spent much of the last three or four years on the road in other cities, Schellenberg said.

"Winnipeg has always been our home base and it's been where we have an incredible community that's supported us," he said.

Many of the new record's themes build on the idea of being far from home.

"When you're on tour you just try your best to try and preserve your spot in Winnipeg, in your friend group, in your relationships and everything. It's a really hard thing to maintain," he said.

"There was a lot of long-term relationships that have broken down during this album cycle."

Schellenberg said the band seems to have found its voice on the new record.

"It feels like on this record we figured out a little more about what we wanted to sound like," he said.

"I think we've succeeded."

Royal Canoe's new album, Something got Lost Between Here and the Orbit, comes out in stores Sept. 16.