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Robin Summerfield is a producer with CBC Manitoba's Creator Network.

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'You don't look like a farmer': Manitoba sisters break barriers merging farm and fashion

Manitoba sisters Cassandra and Stefanie Lepp curate a popular farming and fashion Instagram page. They have earned nearly 16,000 followers for their posts, which feature fantasy fashion and real farming content.

'Everybody judged me. Everyone made fun of me': Winnipeg designer finds his place in fashion

Winnipeg fashion designer Ken Lozano, owner of Aldo's formal wear, took over the business from his father Reynaldo. Lozano has charted his own path, launching his own line Sartorial Funk.

What's your winter chill factor? Discover your winter personality and embrace the season

Are you a cool cat? A winter denier? An ice-thusiast? Our chill factor personalities are here to help you cope with the cold.

A wild-turkey chase, a sprinting senior, a snoozing coyote: Manitoba's best good-news stories of 2019

We compiled a list of stories from 2019 that made us smile, laugh and warmed our hearts.

Beauty in the breakdown: Winnipeg filmmaker finds art in decomposition

Decomposing roadkill, mouldering fruit and rotting vegetables. Where others see "ick," Winnipeg time-lapse filmmaker Joel Penner sees art.

Cree puppeteers from Pukatawagan on mission of laughter and language

The Bighetty brothers deliver laughs and language in spontaneous skits. The performers capture their on-the-fly fun with elders, chiefs and children in videos that are popular online.
★★ Review

Crabapple Trolls

Trolls doesn't quite live up to its comedy clownesque title
★★★★ Review

Hyronomous A. Frog

Campy and delicious, Hyronomous A. Frog is great fun
★★ Review

Tales of Foreign Lands and People

Skilled performer brought down by weak material

West St. Paul residents angry over planned school bus lot

West St. Paul residents angry over a planned 60-plus school bus parking lot, School Division and RM says resident concerns about traffic, noise and safety will be resolved

Winnipeg filmmakers win coveted spot at Toronto International Film Festival

Four young Winnipeg filmmakers have won a coveted spot at the Toronto International Film Festival, and they did it using diapers, pop star obsession and a botched plastic surgery.

Abandoned train engine listed on Kijiji for $25,000

For sale: Train engine; tracks not included.

Pinawa teen reels in 'once in a lifetime' sturgeon near Pinawa

As fish tales go, this one is monster-sized.

Bridge Drive-In goes mobile with new ice cream truck

Goog addicts rejoice. That crazy concoction ——a blueberry milkshake with sliced bananas, and a hot fudge sundae topped with nuts, whipped cream and a cherry —- has gone mobile.

Loveable ogre and his cast of misfits let their freak flag fly in raucous romp

Pooping. Farting. Burping - fans of potty humour will love Shrek the Musical.