How does your road rate? City of Winnipeg releases list of street conditions

​Complaints about the condition of Winnipeg's roads are as common as mosquitoes, but are the city's streets really as bad as people think?
The vast majority of Winnipeg's streets are in good condition, according to the city's annual list of road conditions.

​Complaints about the condition of Winnipeg's roads are as common as mosquitoes, but are the city's streets really as bad as people think?

Not according to the latest list from the City of Winnipeg, which ranks them in one of the following categories: New, good, fair, or poor. Of the 9,750 listings, just 1,381 are listed as poor.

The vast majority (5,102) are in good condition while 1,937 listed as fair and 1,063 as new.

There was no condition reported for the remainder of streets because of the surface material used.

  • New — recently constructed or renewed. Requires little to no maintenance
  • Good — requires minor maintenance.
  • Fair — requires a minor rehabilitation.
  • Poor — requires a major rehabilitation or a reconstruction.
  • If condition is blank, the road is either gravel or chipseal.

Last month, the city released a list of which residential streets it plans to fix up this year with the help of funds from the Manitoba and federal governments.

More than $60 million will be spent repairing 150 local streets and sidewalks this year, with another $45 million set aside for regional street projects.

(City of Winnipeg)
(City of Winnipeg)
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