City of Winnipeg accused of 'asinine bureaucracy'

Residents took matters into their own hands after the pedestrian bridge over Omand's Creek in Wolseley closed due to hazardous ice.

Men take matters into own hands after footbridge closed

The footbridge over Omand's Creek in a Wolseley park was cleared of ice on the weekend. The city had said it would remain closed until the spring because its workers couldn't clear the ice. So some citizens took matter into their own hands and removed the hazardous ice themselves. (Solomon Israel/Winnipeg Free Press)

The pedestrian bridge over Omand's Creek in Wolseley has been cleared of ice and reopened by a pair of self-appointed public works engineers, without the city's approval.

The City of Winnipeg had recently blocked off the footbridge, a key link in the active-transportation system that links Wolseley to River Heights and Assiniboine Park, citing hazardous ice after an unusual late fall flood. The bridge was due to remain closed until late spring.

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