Flood forecasters get clearer idea when Red River will crest in North Dakota, Manitoba

Manitoba's hydrologic forecast centre expects the peak flow to arrive at the border town of Emerson between April 15 and 18, the province said in a statement.

River expected to peak at Fargo Monday evening; Emerson could see mid-April crest

The Red River is expected to crest at Fargo early next week. (Jeff Roberson/Associated Press)

Flood forecasters on both sides of the border now have a better idea when the Red River will crest this spring.

The U.S. National Weather Service predicting the Red will crest at Fargo, N.D., on the evening of Monday, April 8, according to its website. Forecasters are now predicting the Red will crest at 35 feet, or six feet below the record crest experienced in the city in 2009.

A 35-foot crest remains a major flood for Fargo, which has been shoring up flood defences along the Red River since March.

The Red River widens as it winds north and carries more water as it approaches Canada. Manitoba's hydrologic forecast centre is now expecting the peak flow to arrive at the border town of Emerson between April 15 and 18, the province said in a statement Wednesday.

This prediction is based on the long-term weather forecast and is subject to change. It suggests the crest could arrive at Winnipeg, 100 kilometres north of Emerson, during the final third of April.

The province continues to predict Red River volumes this spring to approximate the peak flows of 2009, the second-largest spring flood on the Red since the construction of the Red River Floodway.

During that spring, Highway 75 was under water south of Morris for several weeks, Red River Valley communities had to partially close their ring dikes and hundreds of rural residents living in low-lying areas were displaced on a temporary basis.

In Winnipeg, 123 properties are at risk of flooding this spring.


Bartley Kives

Senior reporter, CBC Manitoba

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