Red River College OKs all of president’s expenses

The president of Red River College won't have to pay back any of the items she expensed to the school since 2010.

Controversial expenses OKed in review by college’s board of governors

The president of Red River College won’t have to pay back any of the items she expensed to the school since 2010.

Stephanie Forsyth came under fire in March after the Canadian Taxpayers Federation found she expensed a number of questionable items such as $205 golf shoes, a Vancouver Airport duffel bag, her driver's license, car washes, winter tires and a GPS system for her BMW.

The federation called on Forsyth to reimburse the college for the expenses, and students expressed frustration at the volume of and nature of the expenses.

Red River College president Stephanie Forsyth has said she will reimburse the college for some items she expensed in 2011, but the college's board of governors has said they found no questionable expenses made in the last three years. (Red River College)

Forsyth responded by saying she would pay the college for the golf shoes and her license, as the latter was expensed in error.

The Red River College Board of Governors then embarked on a review of all her expenses from September 2010 to March 2013.

On Tuesday, the board released a statement saying all of Forsyth’s expenses and found "no items of concern."

College officials did say they have now developed a best practices guideline set for travel and business expenses.

The college previously committed to posting the president’s expenses online in the future. Officials noted they are the first post-secondary institution in the province to do so.