RCMP shoot, kill man at Manitoba fire scene

An RCMP officer shot and killed a man while guarding a fatal fire scene in northern Manitoba on Tuesday.

An RCMP officer shot and killed a man in northern Manitoba on Tuesday.

According to RCMP Assistant Commissioner Bill Robinson, the incident happened at about 1:30 a.m. CT as officers were guarding the scene of a fire in the community of God's Lake Narrows, where two young children and a community elder had died Monday.

"An incident occurred which resulted in one of our members discharging his firearm," Robinson said. "An adult male was shot and later pronounced deceased at the local nursing station."

He provided no further details other than to say the RCMP have asked officers from Saskatoon Police Service to conduct the investigation into the shooting.

The Saskatoon police issued a press release Tuesday stating the RCMP members had been confronted by an armed man when the shooting occurred.

"Further details of the incident are the subject of investigation cannot be provided at this time," the release stated.

God's Lake Narrows Chief Peter Watt identified the man to CBC News as a distant relative of the elder who died in the fire.

The man's name was Paul Duck.

"What now? That's my reaction: what now?" Watt said.

People in the community told CBC reporter Sheila North-Wilson that Duck had fired a shotgun in the air to chase off some teenagers who were fighting.

North-Wilson said people say Duck may have run over to seek assistance from officers guarding the fire scene.