Racy poster at Winnipeg pub creates firestorm on social media

A new pub in downtown Winnipeg, The Pint, was inundated with social media this weekend about a poster it had up on the wall. It showed a nude woman bending over and picking up a beer.

Ben Wickstrom says poster was inappropriate

Ben Wickstrom posted this photo on Twitter and it was quickly retweeted and commented on. In response, the pub pulled the poster from the wall and apologized for offending anyone. (Twitter)
A 30-year-old Winnipeg law student created a flurry on social media about a poster in a new downtown pub he found offensive.

Ben Wickstrom was at the grand opening of The Pint on Garry St.on Friday night when he was seated at a corner table with some friends.

A poster of a naked woman bending over to get a beer was in clear view.

Wickstrom said he found it explicit and offensive.

"I was surprised to see something like that in a public place, in a place where women would be coming to drink beer and watch sports," he said.

"I think it suggested that a place like that was maybe a place for men to watch sports and look at pictures of women. And so I was surprised by that."

Wickstrom immediately put it out in Twitter. Within hours, hundreds of comments poured in. 

On Saturday night, The Pint responded on social media with an apology to those who were offended. It also said the poster would be removed.

Wickstrom is pleased management responded quickly.

"I think it should hopefully be a reminder to everyone, just not the folks at The Pint. We have to think about the environment we create. That place of women in our community and in our society," he said.

"We have to think if we put up posters framing men in the same way, would it be seen as appropriate? I don't think that is the case. The same should apply when it comes to pictures of women."

Would Wickstrom go back to The Pint?

"Yeah, I would. It was a happening place for sure. I think they showed me they respond to the concerns of their customers," he said.

The owner of the bar has not yet responded to CBC's calls.


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