Raccoon causes power outage in Winnipeg

A raccoon is being blamed for knocking out power to thousands of hydro customers in south and west Winnipeg on Tuesday.

A raccoon is being blamed for knocking out power to thousands of hydro customers in south and west Winnipeg on Tuesday.

The critter got into some equipment on Bishop Grandin Boulevard near Kenaston Boulevard at about 1 a.m.

It caused two lines to touch, prompting an electrical arc that crashed power to parts of St. Vital, Fort Garry and Charleswood, according to Manitoba Hydro spokesman Glenn Schneider.

The power was restored around 2:30 a.m.

The raccoon, however, did not survive.

Schneider said it's hard to keep those animals out.

"We're more concerned about keeping humans out but you know, there's fencing and there's barbed wire. But racoons are very ingenious, they'll get into anything," he said.

Tangled goose

It's the second time in three weeks that wildlife has caused a Hydro headache.

A Canada Goose flew into a hydro transmission line on May 15, tripping the line and shutting down power to a large area of south Winnipeg.

Geese typically bounce off the lines but that time, the bird got tangled and caused electricity to arc and damage equipment.

As a result, traffic lights were off at a number of locations in the city, leading to several crashes but no reports of any serious injuries.