Premier Brian Pallister, Mayor Brian Bowman will meet with PM during cabinet's Winnipeg retreat

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet with Manitoba's premier and Winnipeg's mayor during a three-day cabinet retreat scheduled to begin in the city this Sunday.

Manitoba political leaders get a chance to bend ear of Justin Trudeau as federal cabinet comes to Prairies

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, seen here during a Nov. 8, 2019, meeting, will talk about the carbon tax at an upcoming meeting in Winnipeg. (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press)

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister and Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman have managed to arrange some face time with the prime minister.

Justin Trudeau and his federal cabinet will be in Winnipeg for a retreat from Sunday to Tuesday.

Two of Manitoba's senior political figures will get a chance to raise some issues with Trudeau during his time in town.

A statement from the mayor says Bowman will be raising concerns about public safety issues. He has repeatedly said solving many of Winnipeg's crime problems rests with getting help from the other levels of government.

A violent conclusion to 2019 in Winnipeg meant the city broke a record for homicides and saw Bowman repeatedly call on the provincial and federal governments for help on what he calls the root causes of crime —homelessness, poverty, addictions and mental health issues.

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman wants federal help on public safety and funding for massive sewage system upgrades. (Jeff Stapleton/CBC )

Bowman is also looking for help with a massive bill for upgrades to the city's sewage treatment system.

Winnipeg is required to do the upgrades to comply with a provincial environmental order issued in 2003.

A spokesperson for the premier confirmed the two political leaders would also meet during Trudeau's time in Winnipeg.

Pallister told The Canadian Press he hopes to discuss carbon taxes and climate change with Trudeau.

The Manitoba premier said he hopes Trudeau can show some flexibility on the federal carbon tax, which Ottawa has imposed on Manitoba and other provinces that have refused to implement their own.

Trudeau and the federal Liberal cabinet plan to focus on climate change and reconciliation, among other issues, during the three-day Winnipeg retreat.


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