Pilots snap photos of killer whales near Churchill

A pod of killer whales made a rare appearance in Hudson Bay near Churchill on Tuesday.

Killer whales hunting belugas in Hudson Bay near Churchill, pilots say

An uncommon occurrence in Churchill, a pod of killer whales was seen moving through the Southern Hudson Bay Tuesday. (Brian Fergusson)

Killer whales made an appearance in Hudson Bay near Churchill on Tuesday.

Pilots Brian Fergusson and Eric Polzin managed to snap some photos of the orcas after heading up in a helicopter around noon.

Polzin said it’s rare to catch a glimpse of the whales because they only show up about once a year.

He said based on their formation, he thinks they were trying to take advantage of the low tide and hunt

Polzin and Fergusson said it was a treat to see them because they are typically busy with tours and work at Hudson Bay Helicopters and rarely get a chance to see the sights like tourists do.