Manitoba woman with 'grievous medical condition' to apply for physician-assisted death

A Manitoba woman plans to apply to the court to get to access physician-assisted death, making her the second person in the province to do so.

Woman is 2nd person to apply for exemption to access doctor-assisted death in Manitoba

A second Manitoban has entered legal proceedings to get a physician-assisted death. (iStock)

A Manitoba woman plans to apply to the court to get to access physician-assisted death, making her the second person in the province to do so.

Court documents, which seek protection for the identity of the woman, say she is from a small Manitoba community and has a grievous medical condition that meets the criteria for an exemption.

According to the documents, she has the mental capacity to make the decision and is or will be incapable of ending her life without a physician-assisted death.

Lawyers for the woman are also requesting a publication ban on the woman's name and location, as well as the medical professionals that would be involved in the procedure.

In 2015, Canada's Supreme Court struck down a ban on people with grievous and irremediable medical conditions accessing doctor-assisted death.

The bill, C-14, had its first reading last month but has yet to be passed in the federal legislature.

The federal government must do so by June 6, 2016, but in the meantime, patients can apply for exemptions to allow them to access physician-assisted death earlier.

Earlier this year, a Calgary patient was the first Canadian awarded an exemption, and last month, the first Manitoban was granted one as well.

This latest application will be heard in court Friday.