Man charged in murder had 'a very scary streak': former partner

A woman named as an accessory to murder says her former common law partner, the man charged with first-degree murder, had “a very scary streak,” according to protection order documents she filed in Winnipeg.

Woman charged as accessory filed protection order against Perez Adaryll Cleveland in October

Perez Adaryll Cleveland was charged with first-degree murder in the death of 42-year-old Jennifer Barrett of Ontario. (Winnipeg Police Service)

A woman named as an accessory to murder says her former common-law partner  — the man charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jennifer Barrett — had "a very scary streak," according to protection order documents she filed in Winnipeg.

Jessica Elizabeth Reid, 34, filed the order against Perez Adaryll Cleveland Oct. 17, 2016. He was blocked from being within one city block of her for three years.

Cleveland, 43, was re-arrested and charged Thursday with first-degree murder while in custody at Headingley Correctional Institution on dozens of other charges, including assault with a weapon and causing bodily harm. 

The protection order filing alleges those charges are in part related to the domestic abuse she said she received at his hands.

Barrett's body was found Dec. 1 decomposing in a barrel in the backyard behind a Waverley Heights home. 

Reid and Holley Alyssa Sullivan, 28, lived in the home and were charged with accessory to murder after the fact in connection with Barrett's death.

Police believe the 42-year-old was killed Aug. 25 and allege Reid and Sullivan had some form of involvement. 

'I want to stay away from him'

Reid described living in terror during her relationship with Cleveland. In the protection documents filed in October, she described their status as separated common-law partners.

"Perez threatened to kill me and beat me … he has really hurt me," she alleged.

She said the domestic abuse took place off and on for six months.

From Aug. 17 to 20, she alleged, he beat her "steady" with golf clubs, a hammer and a machete. 

On other occasions, she alleged he used a crossbow, vice grips and a blow torch on her. 

On Sept. 10, she alleged he "choked me until I had a seizure and fell to the ground."

In one instance of abuse she said she ran outside to seek help from neighbours and call police. 

"I want to stay away from him," Reid wrote. 

After the couple separated, she said he continued to stalk her and message her through roommates.

She said he owned weapons including a crossbow and homemade items, and at one point pulled a gun on her.

Winnipeg police issued an arrest warrant for Cleveland on Sept. 29.

"There is a warrant for his arrest for the violence and him hurting me," she wrote in her protection order application. 

Cleveland was arrested Dec. 13.

Previous charges against Cleveland

The September arrest warrant was not the first to be filed for Cleveland.

Police in Sudbury, Ont. offered a cash reward of $1,000 in 1999 on assault, assault causing bodily harm, threatening death and breach of probation charges.

Cleveland, who was born in the United States, was found guilty of first-degree forgery in Georgia in 2003 and fined $2,000 along with 10 years probation.

Winnipeg police said Friday they have been aware of Cleveland's criminal activity for a long time. 

With files from Caroline Barghout and Jill Coubrough