Old Spice guy reveals Jets fandom, teases towel-only Whiteout appearance

​Winnipeg Jets fans might want to keep their eyes peeled for The Old Spice guy donning just a towel at Saturday’s game.

Isaiah Mustafa tweets supports for Winnipeg Jets during playoff bid; reveals fandom, Whiteout plans

Former football player turned actor Isaiah Mustafa, shown in video grab, is known for his ads in a famous Old Spice campaign. He's also a Winnipeg Jets fan who may just turn up to a playoff game in a towel. (Procter & Gamble/Associated Press)

Winnipeg Jets fans might want to keep their eyes peeled for The Old Spice guy donning just a towel at Saturday's game.

Isaiah Mustafa, known for being ridiculously handsome and starring in several ads for Old Spice, is a Jets fan.

The actor tweeted his fandom on Wednesday — revealing a bracket that put the Jets on top in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

"Here's my #NHLBracketChallenge @NHL. Who are you picking??? (@LAKings always in my heart) I'll take @NHLJets #GKG," he tweeted.

Mustafa said since the Los Angeles Kings are out, he's Jets all the way.

On CBC's Up to Speed, Isaiah Mustafa talks about why he's picked the Jets to go all the way this year - and what kind of merch he's planning to buy for the Whiteout. 5:12

"Hey @NHLJets, since my beloved @LAKings are resting up for next year, my fanship is on loan to you for the duration of #StanleyCupPlayoffs," he tweeted.

And perhaps the most titillating of tweets: what he plans to wear for a Winnipeg Jets Whiteout.

"So @NHLJets, I'm gonna need a Byfulglien jersey and... I can just wear my towel for the #Winnipegwhiteout, right? #StanleyCupPlayoffs"

For the uninitiated: Jets fans wear all white to playoff games, a tradition that started before the team relocated from and back to the Prairie city.

A spokesperson for the Winnipeg Jets said they've been in touch with Mustafa over Twitter, and the team is thrilled to get support from any fan.


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