November warmth could break 93-year-old record

Winnipeg is set to record its warmest November ever, says CBC meteorologist John Sauder.

In 1923, daily mean temperatures averaged 1.3 C — and so far this month, Winnipeg's a full degree warmer

CBC's John Sauder says Winnipeg is on track to have the warmest November in 144 years. (Travis Golby/CBC)

Winnipeg is set to record its warmest November ever, says CBC meteorologist John Sauder.

"The first 15 days were the warmest on record if you look at just half the month," he said.

While there are still a few days left on the calendar, so far the month's average temperature is 2.3 C.

The daily average temperature is an entire degree warmer than the previous record, set back in November 1923 when daily mean temperatures averaged 1.3 C. 

"If we take the forecast temperatures over the next week or so and put that into the data we have so far, it's really on track to be the warmest on record," Sauder said.

"It's pretty significant."

The average high for this time of year is –4.4 C and the average low is –12.8 C.

November has already been a record-breaking month for daytime highs.

On Nov. 4, 22 weather records were broken across the province. On Nov. 6, Winnipeg heated up to 16.8 C — the warmest daytime high for the date since 1975.